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Getting to Know New G&G Chef Ryanne Rothenberg

Getting to Know New G&G Chef Ryanne Rothenberg

We could never have too many chefs in the kitchen here at G&G! We are pleased to introduce you to our newest chef, food enthusiast Ryanne Rothenberg. Ryanne has a history in non-profit development & a passion for empowering communities for greater nutrition access.


My cooking style, in 5 words or less: Global to Local Family Style

The kitchen tool I can’t live without: My Wok

My go-to potluck dish: Laarb Gai Lettuce Cups

The ingredient I love using most: Cinnamon 

My passion for cooking stems from: My Father & Traveling

The best dish I’ve ever eaten: Banh Bao Vac (also known as White Rose dumplings) served at a street food cart in Vietnam where the chef was kneading the rice paper and steaming them fresh in front of me.

My best piece of advice for home chefs: You deserve quality knives and don't put them in the dishwasher.

If I were a fruit or veggie I would be: Coconut


You can taste Chef Ryanne's skills in the kitchen with her Flank Steak Au Jus recipe that's up on the menu!