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How to Peel and Dice a Peach

How to Peel and Dice a Peach

There’s not a lot that is more refreshing or simple than a fresh peach. But it can get a little dicey, when it comes time to peel and dice a peach. This week’s Pork Burgers and Popcorn Crusted Chicken both come with 2 unique peachy sauces that require a diced peach, so we asked the experts at Watsonia Farms to give us some tips.


First, peeling a peach. This is usually optional in our recipe, so this is for the folks who prefer a skinless peach.. The good news is – it’s easier than you think! Brandon, from Watsonia, tell us “Cut an ‘X’ through the skin at the tip of the peach.  The tip is the end that is opposite from the stem, and there is no need to cut the "X" deeper than the skin.  Dunk the cut peach in boiling water for about 30-45 seconds, and then chill the peach in cold water.  Once the peach is cool enough to handle again by hand, pinch the cut skin at the "X" between a finger and a knife, and then gently rip the skin away from the tip in the direction of the stem.”


Next, time to dice. First cut a vertical line down the peach across on the the top half. Then roate the peach in yoru hand and cut across those cuts. Split the peach in half and use your thumbs to push the peach free from the pit. Then simply dice as you would any other fruit or veggie.

Early peaches are known as clingstone peaches, indicating just what you'd think - the peaches cling to the pit inside. Later in the season we get freestone peaches. So the first peaches of the season may require a little more thumb work to get that pit out.


Now, order a bag of peaches and get to practice!