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Valentine's Day Wine Pairing

Valentine's Day Wine Pairing



A Valentine’s Day dinner isn’t complete without the perfect bottle of wine (or 2), but finding the perfect bottle can be a bit daunting. That’s why we turned to a sommelier for some tips on our Valentine’s Day menu. The trick is to focus on an ingredient or two that you’d like to enhance, and pick a wine that will complement. Here are our picks for you and your sweetie:

Stuffed Pasta

The star of this show for us is the sage-butter sauce. Pick an oak aged chardonnay to really enhance the flavor and texture of the butter.


Black & Blue Steak

A sweet riesling can perfectly balance out the tanginess of the blue cheese in this dish.


Cod Cacciatore

The tomatoes and olives are going to bring a lot of acidity and saltiness to the table in this meal. A pinot noir should help balance that out. 


Korean Chicken Meatballs

The sauce in this dish is made from beets, which bring a earthy flavor. A syrah will enhance the earthiness to make the beets taste their best.


Blue Ribbon Chicken

Gruyere cheese can be a potent flavor. Pairing this dish with a sauvignon blanc, which has a high acidity, will help cut through the strong flavor of the cheese.