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Past Menus

Monday July 11th, 2016

Tandoori Lamb Skewers with tomato-cucumber salad & garlic naan see more

Tender ground lamb from our friends at White Oak Pastures is marinated in lemon juice, Atlanta Fresh Greek yogurt & a special spice blend to go perfectly with a lightly seasoned cucumber, tomato, & mint salad. On the side, serve Heavenly Breads' fluffy naan.

Tomato-Braised Chicken with eggplant ragout over creamy polenta see more

Flavorful Darby Farms' chicken breasts are braised to tender perfection in a summery ragout featuring eggplant, tomatoes & red wine. Serve them over a bed of smooth Riverview Farms' polenta.

King+Duke's Pork Chops with tomato olivada sauce & creamy feta orzo see more

Transform your kitchen into King+Duke with this innovative Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Festival dish from Chef E.J. Hodgkinson! This Buckhead gem is known for serving up old-world, open-fire cooked fare, so feel free to throw these Riverview Farm's pork chops on the grill & embrace this spirit! Top them with a sundried tomato-olivada, and enjoy orzo tossed with greens & Caly Road Creamery feta cheese on the side.

JCT's Smoked Trout Toast with creme fraiche & bacon vinaigrette salad see more

Transform your kitchen into Ford Fry's flagship restaurant, JCT. Kitchen & Bar, with this Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Festival recipe from Chef Brian Horn! This cool recipe exemplifies JCT.'s Southern fare with flair, featuring regional, pecan-smoked trout mixed with JCT.'s housemade horseradish crème fraîche & Pine Street Market's bacon. Serve over toasted H&F bread with vine-ripe tomatoes & enjoy a salad drizzled with homemade bacon vinaigrette.

Chipotle Brisket Tacos with field pea, kale & peach slaw see more

Season Pine Street Market's tender, slow-cooked brisket with chipotle & spices, then pile it onto flour tortillas with Caly Road Creamery feta cheese. Top tacos with a homemade kale slaw with field peas, peaches & cilantro for the perfect taco night.

Tuesday July 5th, 2016

Lamb Sliders with cucumber-tomato salad & roasted potatoes see more

Ground lamb from our friends at White Oak Pastures is seasoned & formed into slider patties, placed on freshly baked H&F buns, then topped with creamy goat cheese from Caly Road Creamery. On the side, serve za'atar spiced roasted potatoes with a cooling cucumber & tomato salad.

Savory Sausage & Cheese Grits with mushroom-pepper ragout & gouda see more

Emily loves the comforting, home-style flavors in this dish! Pine Street Market's specialty sausage is cooked in a bright tomato ragout featuring Orchard Valley button mushrooms & sweet peppers. Serve over a bed of creamy Riverview Farm's grits loaded with Atlanta Fresh milk & flavorful gouda. 

Spiced Chicken with blueberry thyme sauce, greens & herbed quinoa see more

Pasture-raised Darby Farms' chicken thighs are dry rubbed with a flavorful BBQ seasoning blend, then pan-seared or grilled to juicy perfection. Top them with a savory blueberry-thyme sauce. Serve with lemony, Red Earth Organic Farm's arugula over a bed of quinoa.


Email us to substitute chicken breasts

No. 246's Bruschetta Salad with herbed chicken, roasted tomatoes & croutons see more

Transform your kitchen into Decatur's No. 246 with this innovative Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Festival dish! For a twist on classic bruschetta, toss arugula in a simple balsamic vinaigrette, then top with caramelized heirloom tomatoes & pan-seared White Oak Pastures' chicken breasts seasoned with a blend of Italian herbs. Finish it off with homemade croutons made from H&F bread & crumbled Caly Road Creamery goat cheese.

The Optimist's Mahi Mahi with warm smoked chili tomato & spiced couscous see more

Transform your kitchen into one of Atlanta's favorite seafood restaurants, The Optimist, with this Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Festival recipe from Chef Wesley True! Vine-ripened tomatoes shine is a summery sauce with veggies, white wine & a smoky blend of mild chili-paprika spice. Ladle it over baked fillets of mahi mahi from our friends at Kathleen's Catch & serve on top of seasoned carrot couscous.

Monday June 27th, 2016

3-Peppered Pork Chops with cucumber-peach salsa, yogurt & cornbread see more

Juicy pork chops from Riverview Farms are seasoned with white, black & cayenne pepper then pan-seared to perfection. Top with peach-cucumber herbed salsa & a dollop of Atlanta Fresh greek yogurt. Enjoy H&F cornbread on the side!

Thai Beef Skewers with sweet chili sesame noodles & peanuts see more

Back by popular demand! Marinate grass-fed beef in a fresh ginger-garlic sauce with a touch of cilantro & lime then form onto skewers. On the side, enjoy a chilled rice noodle salad with sweet peppers, peanuts, sesame oil & sweet chili sauce.

Monte Cristo Sandwich with rosemary ham, gouda & blueberry-thyme sauce see more

Ooey, gooey goodness! Battered H&F bread is the perfect vehicle for The Spotted Trotter's rosemary ham, gouda & creamy Caly Road goat cheese. Serve with a delectable blueberry thyme dipping sauce & enjoy a refreshing salad on the side with pecans, tomatoes & homemade honey mustard vinaigrette.

Lemon-Crusted Salmon with red pepper coulis over creamy polenta see more

Top wild-caught salmon with a Dijon mustard, panko & lemon butter crust then bake. Serve over a bed of creamy Riverview Farms' polenta surrounded by a seared red pepper sauce.

Creamy Tarragon Chicken & summer veggie gratin with parmesan & thyme see more

Sear Darby Farms' chicken breasts & smother them with a light cream sauce with Dijon mustard & fresh tarragon. On the side, enjoy a cheesy & colorful seasonal veggie gratin with tomatoes, summer squash, parmesan & thyme.

Monday June 20th, 2016

Candied Bacon BLT Sandwich with green bean & peach salad see more

Candied Pine Street Market bacon brings this CBLT to the big leagues. H&F bread gets slathered with easy peasy homemade aioli and piled high with sliced tomato, lettuce & Caly Road goat cheese. On the side, enjoy a grown up green bean salad with peaches.

Chicken Croquettes with blueberry salad & green goddess dressing see more

Delicious White Oak Pastures' ground chicken is perfect for forming flavorful croquettes with fresh herbs, lemon & ginger. Serve them over a bed of greens with blueberries & homemade green goddess dressing.

Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi with balsamic peach salsa & rice with greens see more

Wild caught mahi mahi is lightly breaded with coconut & pan fried to perfection. Serve over a bed of fluffy rice tossed with wilted greens & top it off with fresh peach salsa made with balsamic vinegar, honey & lime.

Red Pepper Butter Pork Chops with beer-glazed green beans & roasted potatoes see more

This Father's Day, give the gift of local! Top pan-seared Riverview pork chops with a breading featuring red pepper mash butter! To make this butter, our friends' at Banner Butter use bourbon barrel-aged Fresno pepper mash from the Red Clay Hot Sauce Company in Charleston. This adds a flavorful, mellow heat to their already delicious, grass-fed butter. Serve these chops with roasted potato wedges & green beans sauteed in a beer & honey mustard sauce. This meal is 100% Dad-Approved! 

Bistro Steak with red wine sauce, rosemary potatoes & cranberry salad see more

You'll love this dish that's bursting with classic bistro flavors! Serve pan-seared steaks topped with a savory red wine & butter sauce. On the side, enjoy sliced potatoes roasted with fresh rosemary & crisp greens tossed with herbs, cranberries & homemade vinaigrette.

Monday June 13th, 2016

Ancho-Lime Fish Tacos with creamy kale slaw & fiesta field peas see more

Marinate flaky, fish fillets with lime, ancho chili powder & cumin then bake. Top fish tacos with a refreshing, savory kale & cabbage slaw, featuring Atlanta Fresh Greek yogurt and a medly of spices. Enjoy some of the season's first tomatoes with seasoned field peas.

Mediterranean Lamb Pita with eggplant spread & tomato mint summer salad see more

Roasted eggplant is blended with fresh herbs & seasonings then spread on a freshly baked H&F pita. Top it with White Oak Pastures' lamb sausage seasoned with a flavorful blend of spices. A refreshing tomato & mint salad makes a beautiful side salad or delicious topper for the pitas. 

Thai Chicken with shiitake mushrooms & greens in coconut broth see more

You'll love the flavor of seared chicken thighs in a Thai-inspired broth of ginger, lime & spices. Tossed with hearty shiitake mushrooms & fresh sauteed greens, this dish is sure to become an instant favorite!


Email us to substitute chicken breasts.

Firecracker Shrimp with lemon-ricotta linguine & wilted greens see more

Tender wild-caught, Gulf shrimp get tossed in a flavorful marinade of ginger, garlic & G&G spice blend then sauteed. Easily create your own sauce with lemon, ricotta & greens to dress al dente linguine. Top it all off with tasty, toasted parmesan & parsley breadcrumbs!

Honey Glazed Brisket with sesame baked green beans & jasmine rice see more

Toss green beans with sesame seeds & roast to tender perfection. Saute Pine Street Market's slow cooked brisket with a lime, tamari & honey glaze, then serve over a bed of fragrant jasmine rice garnished with fresh cilantro.

Monday June 6th, 2016

Buttermilk Pork Chops with blistered tomatoes, green beans & cornbread see more

Pan-seared Riverview Farms' pork chops go great with blistered cherry tomatoes & green beans simmered in a creamy buttermilk peppercorn pan sauce. Sop it all up with H&F's mouth watering cornbread.

Miso-Glazed Cod with green tea rice, roasted mushrooms & tomatoes see more

Thanks to Kathleen's Catch, we are excited to bring you sustainably caught cod! You'll love this tender, flaky cod, topped with a to-die-for miso glaze then paired with delicately flavored green tea rice. On the side, mushrooms & tomatoes are roasted with green onion.

Southwest Chicken Sliders with red pepper relish & roasted sweet potatoes see more

White Oaks Pastures' ground chicken is perfect for slider patties! Serve them on H&F buns & top them with cheddar, peaches, arugula & Doux South's Sweet Georgia Red Relish. On the side, enjoy these burgers with roasted sweet potatoes.

Staplehouse's Shrimp over herbed farro with peas, peaches & pickled lemon see more

Transfrom your kitchen in the James Beard nominated Staplehouse! This purpose-driven restaurant donates all of it’s proceeds to The Giving Kitchen, an organization that helps restaurant community members in times of crisis. Saute Gulf shrimp with peaches, field peas & fresh herbs. Serve over a bed of farro garnished with pickled lemon.

Chipotle Peach Chicken with charred lettuce, citrus rice & herb vinaigrette see more

This dish is a perfect combo of spicy & sweet with juicy peaches & smoky chipotle! White Oak Pastures chicken breasts are simmered in a delectable sauce then served alongside herbed rice with fresh lime & crisp salad with homemade vinaigrette.

Tuesday May 31st, 2016

Caribbean Pulled Pork with peaches & tomatoes over rice & beans see more

Tender, pulled pork from our friends at Pine Street Market is simmered in mild, Caribbean-inspired flavors & a fun sauce made with Watsonia Farms' peaches & tomatoes! Serve it on top of black beans & rice tossed with wilted greens & garnish with fresh cilantro.

Roasted Chicken with white wine almond sauce, peppered peaches & quinoa see more

Smother roasted White Oak Pastures' chicken breasts with an elegant sauce flavored with almonds & white wine. Serve over a bed of quinoa topped with flavorful, homemade peppered peaches.

Garlic Herb Steak with spiced tomato & carrot couscous see more

Brasstown Beef's flat iron steak is favored by our friends at Pine Street Market for its tenderness & marbling. Top it with an herbed sauce packed with flavorful garlic, scallions, oregano, mint & parsley. Serve alongside couscous tossed with carrots & tomatoes delicately seasoned with cumin, smoked paprika & a hint of cinnamon. 

Spiced Sausage with smoky gouda grits & blueberry salsa see more

Pine Street Market's German pork sausage pairs perfectly with savory Riverview Farm's grits with smoky gouda & paprika. Top it off with an imaginative blueberry salsa brightened with fresh lime.

Chili Crusted Swordfish with cilantro lime sauteed veggies see more

Wild caught Atlantic swordfish is topped with a seasoned crust of roasted red bell peppers & spices, then baked to flaky perfection. On the side, enjoy summer squash & cannelini beans sauteed with cilantro & lime.

Monday May 23rd, 2016

Honey Dijon Chicken with tarragon green beans & herbed farro see more

Juicy White Oak Pastures' chicken breasts are slathered in a honey dijon glaze & pan seared to perfection in this delicious dish. On the side, green beans are tossed with a vinaigrette, almonds & fresh tarragon then served with hearty, herbed farro.

Shrimp Stir Fry with peaches, peppers & ginger miso rice see more

This stir fry is packed with bright spring flavors! Saute wild caught Gulf shrimp with sweet peppers & juicy peaches in a mouth watering sauce of ginger, honey, tamari & sesame. Serve it over basmati rice delicately flavored with fresh ginger & miso.

Peach Glazed Brisket over orange blossom & squash couscous see more

Toss Pine Street Market's tender pulled brisket with peaches & a sweet balsamic glaze. Serve it with couscous tossed with summer squash, greens, walnuts & herbs for a colorful & fun meal featuring the bounty of the season!

Storico Fresco Spring Pasta with strawberry kale salad & poppy seed dressing see more

We love Storico Fresco's pasta stuffed with delicate spring greens & cheese! Toss it in a light, white wine butter sauce & serve with a kale salad topped with strawberries, walnuts & homemade poppy seed dressing.

Superica's Cheese Enchiladas with beef chili sauce & southwest snap pea salad see more

Transform your kitchen into Krog Street Market's sensational Superica! Hand roll Los Amigos' corn tortillas filled with greens & Wright's Dairy Red Hill Cheddar, then top with simmered White Oak's pastures grass-fed beef chili. On the side, enjoy a festive salad topped with peaches, snap peas, cilantro, toasted pumpkin seeds & homemade cumin-lime dressing.

Monday May 16th, 2016

Pork Burgers with ginger peach ketchup greens & parmesan zucchini see more

Peaches are back in season & they're perfect for Riverview Farms' pork burgers! Place your patties on H&F buns & top with fresh greens & homemade ginger peach ketchup featuring Verdant Kitchen's ginger ale. On the side enjoy roasted summer squash topped with parmesan.

Popcorn Crusted Chicken Breasts with peach sauce over pecan couscous & greens see more

White Oak Pastures' chicken breasts are dusted with 26th & Popped's gourmet popcorn as a lighter alternative to traditional breading. On the side, enjoy fluffy couscous tossed with Georgia pecans & greens. Top it all off with a delectable sauce made from the first peaches of the season!

Chili Ginger Pork Bulgogi with broccoli, jasmine rice & peanuts see more

Marinate Riverview Farm's pork with a flavorful blend of tamari, brown sugar, ginger & garlic! Toss fluffy jasmine rice with broccoli & crunchy peanuts for a side dish that's perfect for soaking up all that yummy sauce! 

Honey-Glazed Salmon with spring cabbage slaw over lemon dill potatoes see more

Our Founder, Emily, loves this combination of glazed salmon, refreshingly crisp slaw & hearty herbed potatoes! Slather wild-caught salmon fillets with an irresistible honey-Dijon glaze, then lightly dress shredded cabbage & sliced celery with an Atlanta Fresh Greek yogurt-based dressing. On the side, serve roasted potatoes tossed with fresh dill & lemon zest.

Mushroom Fontina Polenta with green garlic, spring veggies & herbed truffle balsamic see more

Saute shiitake mushrooms, summer squash & green garlic with fresh oregano & white wine. Serve over a bed of creamy, dreamy Riverview Farms' polenta with fontina cheese. Drizzle it all with a reduced balsamic sauce featuring truffle sea salt & garnish with chives.

Monday May 9th, 2016

Adobo Chicken with wilted greens & savory cheese grits see more

In this modern take on a Filipino classic, White Oak Pastures' chicken breasts simmer in a sweet, tangy adobo sauce with coconut milk & wilted greens. Serve it all over a bed of creamy, cheesy Riverview Farms' grits.

Duck Prosciutto Pizza with mascarpone creamed spinach, goat cheese & honey see more

This delicious white pizza aims to please! Top fluffy naan from Heavenly Breads with mascarpone creamed spinach, The Spotted Trotter's duck prosciutto & Caly Road Creamery's fresh goat cheese. Take this pie to the next level with lemon zest & a drizzle of honey!

Mustard Cream Pork Chops over roasted asparagus, potatoes & spring onion see more

Each year, our founder Emily looks forward to fresh spring veggies! This recipe showcases Watsonia Farm's asparagus, Vidalia spring onions & crisp radishes. These spring veggies are roasted with hearty potatoes, then served alongside pan-seared Riverview Farm's pork chops topped with a delectable sauce featuring Atlanta Fresh's cream & flavorful whole grain mustard.

Parmesan Panko Fish with herbed butter snow peas & almond couscous see more

Buttery, mild Dover sole fillets are lightly dusted with parmesan & panko breadcrumbs then baked to crispy, flavorful perfection. Emerald green snow peas are tossed with a little bit of butter & fresh herbs. On the side, enjoy couscous tossed with sliced almonds & a bright hint of lemon.

Tempura Shrimp with broccoli, carrot & bok choy stir fry see more

It doesn't get much better than easy peasy, tempura battered wild-caught shrimp! Serve 'em up with stir-fried bok choy, carrots & the first broccoli of the season in a ginger soy sauce!