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3 Reasons We Love Leeks

3 Reasons We Love Leeks

Leeks are a unique veggie that look like a giant scallion and taste like a sweet onion. They belong to the same family as garlic and onions (the Allium family) and are incredibly versatile, just like their sibling veggies. They also share many of the same health benefits. Here are 3 (of many) reasons we love them!


Leeks Make Hearts Happy

Like garlic and onions, leeks can help lower bad cholesterol and prevent plaque in your arteries. They can also aid in lowering high blood pressure.


Leeks Make Cancer Sad

Leeks are bursting with cancer-fighting flavonoids that have been linked to reduced risk of ovarian, prostate and colon cancer


Leeks Make Food Incredible

Like their sibling veggies int he allium family, leeks toe the line between supporting player and star of the show. They are incredible in everything from vinaigrettes to hashes. There is no doubt that they are the star of this week’s Potato & Leek Soup from Farm To Ladle. They add a mild but enticing flavor that will keep you wanting more!


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