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4 Ways to Use Lavender Sugar

4 Ways to Use Lavender Sugar

For me, being a home chef means that I loove food and enjoy cooking, but I don’t always know "what I’m doing.” I didn't really fall in love with food until after college. Growing up, I just wanted to eat cereal or pizza. Ah, and I did love Ranchero Steak from On the Border, but I digress. Deciding to incorporate eating local and fresh into my diet after college presented new problems for me: how do I cook this, what ingredients should I use and how do I make it taste good?

So in the name of knowing (or not knowing!) what to use make your food taste good, today we'll explore four ways to use quite a lovely and ambrosial ingredient, lavender sugar.

Bake something scrumptious

Got cookies, muffins, or scones on the menu? How about creme brûlée? Lavender sugar will contribute a sweet, aromatic hint of decadence to each dish. Sprinkle on top of sugar cookies or add to the batter of muffins and scones. In creme brûlée, replace the called-for granulated sugar with lavender sugar.

Create a fragrant floral cocktail

If it fits with the menu, opt for a lavender-based aperitif at your next Garnish & Gather affair. Use lavender sugar to line the rim of the cocktail glasses and for the drinks, create a simple syrup by boiling lavender sugar and filtered water, or purchase 3 Porch Farm Lavender Syrup in the G&G market.  

Make an herbaceous butter

Start with Unsalted Banner Butter and add lavender sugar, basil, and thyme. Give it to some one you love (like an awesome hostess!).  

Sweeten hot or iced tea

Lavender itself pairs well with bitter citrus fruits, honey, apples, basil, and coriander. Next time you’re sipping lemon tea, accent it with lavender sugar and honey.