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Makan: Serving up Asian Comfort Food in Decatur

Makan: Serving up Asian Comfort Food in Decatur

Ramen - it's more than just a bowl of noodles. It's a movement. Ramen is sweeping the country by storm, but trust us when we say that not all ramen is created equal. Lucky for us, some of the best ramen is right next door in Decatur at Makan. Makan serves Korean ramen, also known as Ramyun, which we are so excited to have on our menu. It all starts with the broth, which boils overnight (yes - boils!) to get that rich, deep flavor you can only get from time. Lucky for you, Makan is making it fresh for G&G to deliver to you. The broth is loaded with veggies and savory pan seared pork belly then topped with a poached egg. It's comfort in a bowl!

Even better? Makan is so much more than an amazing bowl of ramen! They have a menu full of Asian comfort foods inspired by great Eastern food cities like Hong Kong or Seoul.  With a list of their local farmers posted right on the wall next to the kitchen, we felt right at home. Makan's focus on community is evident in everything from their communal eating area to their family dinners. I had the pleasure of going with a group of friends last weekend, and we couldn't have picked a better spot to share a meal with a big group. We ordered one of each of the family dinners, made to be shared by 2-4 people, and a ton of small plates. 

Makan's menu options are as unique as the menu itself. The menu is beautifully designed to look like a newspaper and it is packed with options from land, sea & farm. Naturally, we tried just about everything. While it was all delicious, the pork belly buns and Korean ramen were clear winners at our table! [Pro tip: Visit Makan weekdays between 5pm and 7pm for drink specials AND $2 Pork Belly Buns!]

Who's the team behind Makan, you ask? They are a true foodie family. Executive Chef George Yu is a second generation Taiwanese American who grew up in his parents' restaurant kitchen. He trained at Le Cordon Bleu and honed his skill as a Sous Chef at Ecco in Midtown Atlanta. His mom, an expert in all things noodles, helped develop some of Makan's menu (this is where you go "aw!!"). General Manager Michael Lo is a second generation Chinese American who left the corporate world to follow in his parents footsteps as a restaurant owner. I guess you could say good food runs in their blood?

Transform your kitchen into Makan! Order your Korean ramen and see why we're making Makan one of our regular spots!


photo credit: Matt Wong