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Chef Nick Melvin Pops Up at Victory Sandwich

Chef Nick Melvin Pops Up at Victory Sandwich

Our favorite pickle maker, G&G Chef Nick Melvin, is popping up at Victory Sandwich Bar this Sunday, August 10th to teach Decatur a thing or two about pickles. For those of you who've been cooking with us for a while, you've seen how creative Chef Nick can get with this Doux South pickle line

His menu will include:

- Crispy Pickled Shiitakes & Onions with Kimchi Aioli

- Pastrami-wurst, Maple Mustard, Green Tomato Chow Chow, Aged Gouda, Beef Fat Pretzel Roll

The party starts at 6pm and goes on until far passed my bedtime. If you haven't checked out this hip little sandwich joint, Sunday is the perfect time! Grab yourself a Nick Melvin special and a Jack & Coke slushee and end your weekend right. (yes, you read that right.. I said Jack & Coke slushee. And we are talking real old school sodas, people!)