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All About Jackfruit

All About Jackfruit

 Do you know what jackfruit is? Have you ever heard of it? This versatile fruit is the latest trendsetter among vegans and vegetarians due to its immense health benefits. Even avid meat eaters have raved over the meat-like texture of cooked jackfruit.


So, what is jackfruit?

Jackfruit is grown in tropical climates around the world. It is a species of tree in the same family as fig and mulberry. The massive green bumpy exterior can have a strong, almost unpleasant odor. However, the inside of a ripe jackfruit has a sweet smell and tastes similar to pineapple.


Preparing jackfruit

When using jackfruit as a plant based meat-alternative, look for young, unripe fruits to produce the stringy ‘meat like’ texture when cooked. To avoid a slimy or mushy texture, cook jackfruit on a stovetop until it shreds easily with a fork.


What does jackfruit taste like when cooked?

Similar to tofu, jackfruit has a neutral flavor that allows it to absorb herbs, spices, or other flavors.  This versatility makes it an easy substitution for pulled or shredded ‘pork’, ‘chicken’, or ‘beef’ dishes. You can experience this first hand in our Jackfruit Gyro meal kit!


Why Jackfruit?

On top of being a tasty alternative to meat, jackfruit is packed with vitamins and antioxidants! Just two cups of this fruit provides nearly a third of the daily recommended vitamins and minerals.  That same serving provides six grams of fiber and almost six grams of protein.

An increased intake of vitamins our body’s desperately need can aide in overall health. The added vitamin C can boost your immune system. The added fiber can aide in regulating your digestion. Jackfruit is rich in vitamin B. Especially B6 which aides in boosting energy and metabolism. The list goes on and on.


Is jackfruit a sustainable resource?

Each jackfruit tree can produce up to 200 fruits a year. More mature trees can produce double that amount. The tree can endure in high heat and is drought tolerant making it ideal for food farmers suffering from climate change. And in recent years, the United States has begun growing jackfruit in both Florida and Hawaii. With the popularity of jackfruit increasing, it’s good to know this quick producing mega-fruit tree will be able to keep up with demand.


Try it out for yourself in our Jackfruit Gyro kit!