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Cinnabunnies How-To

Cinnabunnies How-To

These cinnabunnies may be the cutest thing you eat all year! Follow along with these images to make sure you get the perfect bunny shape–we promise it's easy!


Once you have your 9x12" rectangle trimmed, covered in cinnamon sugar, and ready to go, make a cut 1/3 of the way through the long side of the dough. This should leave you with one rectangle that's about 9x4", and another that's about 9x8". Then cut the smaller 9x4" rectangle into 6 long strips, and cut each strip in half so that you have 12 smaller strips. (The larger 9x8" rectangle should still be intact!) For those of us who are visual learners out there, you should have something that looks kind of like this in front of you:



Next, tightly roll the larger, fully intact 9x8" rectangle from right to left. It should look like this, a bit like a log:



Now we're getting to the good stuff! Cut the log you just rolled up into 6 even pieces–each one should look like a tiny cinnamon roll! Place these evenly apart on your lined baking sheet, and give 'em a good pat.



Next, fold one of your 12 strips in half and attach it to the top of a cinnamon roll. Do the same with a second strip and attach it about half an inch away from the first strip. Voilà! Your bunny has ears. BUT–make sure you pinch the dough together well where the ears attach so that they stay together while baking, like so:



Once you've given all of your bunnies ears, they should look like this:



Cover these cuties with a towel or plastic wrap and let rise for about half an hour, then bake them at 350ºF for 15 min. Slather on the icing right away if you prefer melty icing, or wait 5-10 min for them to cool before applying if you prefer non-melty icing. Hope you have a hoppin' good time making these! Happy Easter!



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