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5 Tips for Taking Food Photos Like a Pro

5 Tips for Taking Food Photos Like a Pro

If you haven't noticed, we are big fans of food photography over here at G&G! While making a G&G meal is a breeze, capturing the perfect photo can be a challenge. Heidi Geldhauser to the rescue! Heidi is an Atlanta-based photographer working with Our Labor of Love. She takes all the gorgeous food photos you see on our site! She is sharing her secrets to food photography success with us so you can snap the perfect shot of your G&G meal. Don't forget to tag us and use #garnishandgatherphoto!

Does it need to be on a plate or in a bowl? Should that side of mashed potatoes be on the side or in a side dish? Think about how plating the food makes the dish come together in a way that is pleasing to your eye (this includes that garnish as a finishing touch). Adding a splash of color or texture by incorporating a napkin can help add some visual interest too.


Think about scale. Heidi always throws a fork or spoon next to a plate for scale. When looking at a photo, it can be hard to tell exactly how big that entrée is. Adding in an element that we can all relate to will subconsciously add a realistic scale to your photo.


Find the sunlight. We eat with our eyes first – and if it looks good in real life – then it will make for a pretty photo too. Even though we usually eat dinner at night – or in a dimly lit restaurant, it is important to make the food look the best as it can on it’s own. That means try your best to have good lighting. Heidi says natural light is another way to relate to what we are looking at. Even if it’s for a campfire dinner, you still want to see exactly what it is you're about to eat.


Don't be afraid to dance around the plate. That’s’ right – bend those knees and move around a bit. One thing is for sure – you have to start moving in order to see what angles make that plate look best. For pizza (or other flat dishes) a photo could look great from directly overhead. But you have to get eye level with your burger if you want it to look like more than just buns, hon.


Gather ideas for some images you like – snap a photo of that cookbook or magazine cover for inspiration or take a quick photo at a restaurant of the garnish they used. Try to re-create these images at home one day. Preparing your eyes (as well as your photo skills) will help you to see all the possibilities before you. We all know what practice makes!


Most importantly - have fun! Now let's see what you've got! Snap your best photos of your G&G meals and tag us with