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Fresh Atlantic Salmon: Meet Blue Circle

Fresh Atlantic Salmon: Meet Blue Circle

photo credit: Caroline Attwood via Unsplash 


We are excited to introduce Blue Circle Foods Atlantic Salmon in our meal kits! This farmed salmon is not only delicious & good for you but also farm-raised with the highest quality standards in pure Arctic waters of Norway with no chemicals, GMOs or growth hormones, ever. 


"We are dedicated to supplying healthy, delicious seafood while serving as good stewards of Nature’s resources. From pristine fjords to the open seas, we employ industry-leading humane practices that protect the environment - from catch to consumer." — Blue Circle


Certified by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, Marine Stewardship Council and Ocean Wise, Blue Circle is committed to protecting our ocean’s ecosystems and promoting ecological wholeness. 


Their Atlantic Salmon is raised in deep-water pens that contain more than 98% water and less than 2% fish, giving them space to thrive! Fun fact, each 30,000 square foot pen is nearly the size of the White House! Of course, they say ‘no’ to chemicals and keep our nets free from algae by using lumpsuckers (a small cleaner fish) and manual power washing. The salmon’s feed contains sustainable ingredients like microalgae, sustainably-caught herring & cleaned fish oil. The end result? A cleaner, more nutritious salmon that is farmed while preserving wild fish stocks.  


Try Blue Circle Atlantic Salmon in our Salmon & Curried Cauliflower meal kit, available now!