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What is a Gastrique, Anyway?

What is a Gastrique, Anyway?

Sweet, sour and oh-so-fancy, gastriques are an easy way to add some elegant flair to any meal.  It can turn a regular meal into a dish that looks like it came out of the kitchen at your favorite restaurant. But what exactly are they, you ask?

You can think of a gastrique as a French sweet & sour sauce, usually starring a fruit of some sort (like cherries, in this week's Roasted Chicken). The sweetness of the fruit is embellished with a little sugar while the tartness of vinegar acts to balance it out. All this goodness reduces on the stove to develop into a bold flavor.

The best part of making a gastrique? It's super easy and you'll look like you spent hours in the kitchen, but this whole meal only takes 20 minutes! Order your Roasted Chicken with Cherry Gastrique & Roasted Root Vegetables and turn your kitchen into a gastropub.