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How To: Decorating Easter Bunny Cupcakes

How To: Decorating Easter Bunny Cupcakes

 Make the most adorable Easter dessert this year! Our Easter Bunny Cupcake kit is perfect for kids & adults alike. Follow along while you're decorating your cupcakes! 


Step 1:

Ice cooled cupcakes


Step 2:

Cover icing in coconut flakes and set cupcakes aside


Step 3:

Cut marshmallows on the diagonal



Step 4:

Pinch marshmallows in the center to form the shape of bunny ears



Step 5:

Dip cut side of marshmallow into a plate of pink dusting sugar to give the ears a tint of color



Step 6:

Place pairs of ears on bunny cupcakes & enjoy!



Haven't ordered the kit yet? Place your order here for delivery on Thursday, April 18th!