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Introducing... G&G Cocktail Kits!

Introducing... G&G Cocktail Kits!


Have you ever started searching for cocktail recipes on Pinterest, only to become discouraged by the complexity of making a syrup, or the incredible number of ingredients you'd need to find at the store? We've already made dinner & dessert a breeze, it's about time we help you out with cocktails, too!

We introduced our Be the Chef meal kit series back in May of 2014 with an incredible recipe from Chef Craig Richards of St. Cecilia (a charred octopus dish - yum), and now we are so excited to introduce something new with St. Cecilia once again! St. Cecilia's beverage director Clarke Anderson has created the perfect cocktail recipe for us to deliver with your next order: Strawberry Fields cordial cocktail with sparkling white wine.



You'll learn how to create a strawberry cordial just like the bar staff at St. Cecilia does it, and we can guarantee you'll feel like whipping up cocktails for each & every one of your friends after this recipe. Top the drink off with a splash of dry sparkling white wine (which you need to have at home since Georgia law prohibits our delivery of it), and you can add in a little vodka too if it suits your fancy. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice balances out the sweetness perfectly, and you'll add strawberry coins & pretty little edible flowers as garnish.




Order your cocktail kit & enjoy! Cheers!