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Kyma's Mushroom Pies step-by-step

Kyma's Mushroom Pies step-by-step

We are so excited to bring you this fantastic recipe for Wild Mushroom Phyllo Pies from Chef Pano Karatossos' new cookbook, Modern Greek Cooking! These savory mushroom & cheese pies are sure to impress and feature a very authentic shredded phyllo pastry called Kataifi. This dough is actually finely spun strands of phyllo dough that is often used for sweet pastries. Chef Pano's inspiration for this recipe came form his Athens-based cousin Sofia who introduced him to one of the best meals in the city at Rena Tis Ftelias. "I'll never forget chef-owner Rena Togia's melted cheese under a thatch of shredded phyllo (kataifi). It's beautiful to look at and fun to share, so for my version- I add a layer of sauteed mushrooms in vinaigrette." - Modern Greek Cooking

Chef Pano recommends wine pairings of "Oak-aged Assyritiko with pronounced acidity or Assyrtiko-Sauvignon Blanc or Assyrtiko- Semilion blend." - Modern Greek Cooking

These mushroom pies can be made in the provided G&G pie tins or in a small baking dish 4-5" round baking dish. And be sure to thaw your phyllo dough before you start!

First gently spread apart the phyllo and divide into 4 equal sections. 

Lay one section of kataifi across the pie tin (spreading out the strands so it’s about the width of the tin), then lay another section of kataifi over it, making a cross

Mound half of the cheese onto kataifi, then spread half of the mushrooms over top

One at a time, fold the kataifi sections over the mushrooms, then repeat with other pie tin with remaining sections of dough, cheese & mushrooms

Follow baking instructions on your recipe and enjoy!!