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Meet Kristina of Cloudland Coffee

Meet Kristina of Cloudland Coffee

 Meet Kristina Madh of Cloudland Coffee! Kristina roasts the coffee beans that you can order with your G&G deliveries each week.


When did you start Cloudland Coffee?

"I started the company back in 2015 initially as a cottage food business out of my house. I was roasting coffee from my home because I just love how much better freshly roasted coffee tastes. Then I started to sell/give it away to friends and family. Eventually I formed Cloudland Coffee after I saw that there was a market for freshly roasted coffee."


How do you source the coffee beans you use?

"I work with importers that work directly with farmers to help cut out the middle man, which helps to get a better price to the farmers for their coffee. I also look out for the beans that are certified organic or Rainforest Alliance certified. Finally, I also pay particular attention to women operated farms and cooperatives."

G&G note: Kristina even offers a way for you to thank coffee bean farmers for what they do! Learn more here.


What’s your favorite thing about owning and operating a coffee business?

"I just love the variety and complexity of coffee. There are so many different types of coffees, ways to roast and ways to brew coffee. I also love connecting with the people in the coffee industry from the farmers to the cafe owners and baristas. I could talk "shop" with these folks all day long."


How do you drink your coffee? 

"My go to way to drink coffee is with a Chemex. I love how the pour over style brings the flavor of the coffee out."


Tell us about your new Cloudland Coffee cafe! 

"We are so excited to have our new cafe open! I've been wanting to find a place where I was able to move my roasting production, have a retail front and be closer to my home in Johns Creek. This location works perfectly for it. We offer outdoor and limited indoor seating. We have a nice variety of drinks and of course have our coffee beans and cold brew available for purchase."


Where else can we find your coffee? 

"You can find our coffee at a variety of locations, which are listed on our website. Some of these places include 2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery, Zambawango Coffee and Desserts, Rushing Trading Company, Buford Highway Farmer's Market and of course, Garnish & Gather!"


Kristina also hosts a podcast! She interviews folks she works with, those who grow the coffee beans she uses, and members of our local food community. Recently, Kristina interviewed our very own Emily Golub, G&G founder! They talked about what this past year has looked like in the face of Covid and how we've all had to adapt in the face of uncertainty.

Listen on Spotify here or on Apple Podcasts here.