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Heavenly Breads Lives Up To It's Name

Heavenly Breads Lives Up To It's Name

The folks at Heavenly Breads put a little bit of heaven into each piece of naan bread they make. They brought the ancient tradition from Iraq when they moved to Atlanta in 2010 after risking their life to serve as translators for the U.S. Their story is as incredible as their passion for bringing Atlanta farmers markets freshly baked, traditional eats!

Their very special dough is stretched by hand and cooked to perfectdion inside of a tandoor (clay) oven. It develops mesmerizing bubbles that produce a light, airy bread that truly is heavenly. It's perfect for wraps and flatbreads, like this week's Chipotle Brisket Flatbread.

Order the Chipotle Brisket Flatbread and you'll load it with savory slow-cooked brisket from Pine Street Market, sweet roasted squash & caramelized onion and have an exquisite meal on the table in just 20 minutes!