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Play With Your Food!

Play With Your Food!

Adding a little special something to your kid's lunchbox is always fun, but coming up with new ideas throughout the year can certainly become a challenge--that’s why we’ve gathered up some ideas to make your child’s lunch box a little more exciting. The best part is, they’re quick and easy! With a little planning and help from little hands, you can incorporate these little treats into any lunch box.


Shaped fruit

Cutting fruits and vegetables into fun shapes is a great way to get your child involved with lunch prep, and eating healthy! All you need is fresh fruit (melon works best) and a few cookie cutters. For best results, each piece of fruit should be about one inch thick and as wide as possible. This allows for the fruit to keep its shape once it’s cut.

Fruit and vegetable kabobs

With skewers that have blunt ends, stack grapes, strawberries, raspberries, and other seasonal fruits. You can get your child involved by making patterns or color coordinating each stick.

Play with your food!

Creating caterpillars or ants on a log with celery and hummus or peanut butter is a sure way to create a lunchroom buzz! Top these little critters with grapes, tomatoes, or raisins to add a little imagination to lunchtime.

Create a butterfly with a clear sandwich bag, a clothespin, and googly eyes.  Fill the bag halfway with one or two of your child’s favorite lunch snack. Gather the bag in the center and clasp the clothespin to hold it in place, then feather the sides out to create butterfly wings. Add a couple googly eyes and watch the lunchroom fly into excitement!

Crazy-shaped sandwiches

Sandwiches will never get boring when they are made in fun shapes and styles! Make the sandwich as you normally would, then cut into creative shapes or use a large cookie cutter.

Funny jokes

Jokes can liven up any lunch room! Include a sticky note with a joke to get a smile out of your little one. During stressful school days, these little jokes may be just what your child needs to lift their spirits!


Even the pickiest of eaters will find lunchtime a little more exciting with these ideas--and you might even be able to get in an extra serving of fruit or veggies this way!

With so many ways to incorporate fun, healthy snacks in your child’s lunch, only one question remains… What will you make first?!