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Preparing Your Baked Camembert

Preparing Your Baked Camembert

Few things are better than the gooey, cheesey goodness of a baked brie... but baked camembert takes the crown. That's right, we said it. Baked camembert is better than baked brie. The two soft cheeses are very similar, but camembert has a deeper, richer flavor that's even more enjoyable than brie. Our friends at CalyRoad Creamery in Sandy Springs make a French-style camembert called WayPoint--and we can't get enough of it. That's why we've turned it into a Baked Camembert kit that can be part of your Thanksgiving feast! Follow along for step-by-step instructions on preparing your cheese.



Pull out your kit and let's get started! For this part of the recipe you'll need a sharp knife, the camembert wheel, garlic cloves, and fresh rosemary. 



Start by peeling the garlic cloves and slicing thinly. These slices will go straight into your camembert, so you'll want them as thinly cut as you can manage! Then, break or cut rosemary into small sprigs. These will also be placed into your camembert.



Next, cut small slits in varying directions, randomly angled across the top of the cheese. The slits should be about half of an inch, and about 10 to 12 slits should do it.



It's showtime! Place the garlic slices and rosemary into the slits at random. If you need to cut more slits, go for it! You'll want to make sure to get all the garlic and rosemary into the cheese to bake in as much flavor as possible. 



Et voilà! This is what your fully prepared camembert should look like before baking. Don't forget to drizzle 1 Tbsp olive oil on top of your cheese before moving it to the oven. While the cheese is baking to gooey perfection, follow along on your recipe card to make the pear-walnut topping, then serve with sliced bread and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!