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Preserving Place: A Local Shop with a CAN-do Spirit

Preserving Place: A Local Shop with a CAN-do Spirit

Just over a year ago the Westside welcomed a new gem: Preserving Place, and homesteading was never the same again. Martha McMillin, canning extraordinaire, relishes in the art of canning (see what we did there?) She designed the store to be a haven for canned and fermented goods, where people can not only buy their favorite local goodies, but can also come to learn. Preserving Place offers fun classes where you can learn to do everything from making jams to fermenting local veggies.

Sitting at the beautiful big farm table in a kitchen any G&G chef would drool over while brainstorming our partnership, we were interrupted by a knock on the back door from one of our favorite farmers. That’s when knew this partnership was made in local heaven!

And trust me, growing up on a farm in South Carolina, this gal knows a thing or two about canning. The Preserving Place’s Sweet Onion Confit, featured in your meals being delivered today, took home the Flavor of Georgia Award this year and their Catsup+ will have you rethinking your definition of a condiment. And the best news - they’re now both available in our Local Market.

Before you get to shopping, we leave your with one final thought: We eat local, because we CAN! With berries in full swing and tomatoes just coming in, this is the perfect time to start canning.