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Recipe: Oven-Fried Avocado

Recipe: Oven-Fried Avocado


This is one of our favorites! Not only is it super simple, it also adds a little something special to tacos, fajitas, salads, grain bowls, and more. And who doesn’t love avocados? Keep this recipe handy for entertaining!




2 avocados

½ C flour

2 tsp garlic powder 

½ tsp salt

1 C panko bread crumbs

2 eggs




1. Preheat oven to 425° & grease a baking sheet

2. Halve avocados, remove seeds, scoop out flesh & thinly slice 




3. In a shallow bowl, combine flour, garlic powder &  salt

4. In another shallow bowl, whisk eggs with 1 Tbsp water

5. Pour panko into a third shallow bowl



6. Working in an assembly line, dip avocado slices in flour mixture,  then in egg, then in panko & place on greased baking sheet

7. Bake 12-15 min, until golden





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