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Returning G&G Bags

Returning G&G Bags


So you want to return your G&G bags? It’s easy! We’ll take back all G&G insulated cooler bags and non-insulated grocery bags, as well as ice packs. Simply leave them out at your doorstep when you’re expecting a G&G delivery, and our drivers will pick them up when they’re dropping off your order. These will be taken back to G&G headquarters to be sanitized and reused for future orders.


Please make sure that everything you return is in good condition and has been stored inside in a clean, dry place. Bags and ice packs that are torn, stained, or otherwise damaged should be disposed of in the trash. 


We cannot accept the return of any packaging that has been in direct contact with ingredients (i.e. plastic containers and plastic bags), but all packaging is recyclable. Please check locally to see if you county’s recycling program accepts all types of plastics. If your county does not, there are local recycling facilities such as The Center for Hard to Recycle Materials that will take all kinds of recyclable materials. 


As for food scraps, we highly recommend CompostNow's compost collection service. Click through here to learn more, and to get 2 free weeks of CompostNow's pick up services.


Thank you for helping reduce waste with us!