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Is Rice Porridge the New Ramen?

Is Rice Porridge the New Ramen?

Known by many names, rice porridge is a staple in asian fare and soon be a staple in your kitchen too. Also known as juk or congee, this dish is the ultimate bowl of comfort. You can think of it as the chicken soup of Asian cuisine. Like chicken soup, it is said to have curative effects to cure what ails you. A great dish to enjoy in this cold season!

This dish rose to popularity originally becuase a grain bowl was a cheap and easy way to feed a large family. Chef Jarrett tells us, "Rice porridge is a so satisfying, it has grown from a meal of impoverished necessity to a cherished dish of comfort." Now, as a cherished dish, it can be found on dinner menus across the U.S. as Chefs are becoming known for their fancy, upgraded versions. Rice porridge might be poised to be the next ramen!

Rice porridge comes in many different forms. For our recipe, Chef Jarrett Stieber went the savory route. You’ll make a creamy bowl of rice then top it with thinly sliced pork from Pine Street Market, hearty mushrooms, shaved carrots & fresh greens, all tossed in an addictive chili sesame lime sauce. As Chef Jarrett says, "'Rice porridge - a dish that congeers up happiness." Try it for yourself and get some inspiration for your newest comfort food.

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