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Show Some Love for Little Bear

Show Some Love for Little Bear

Chef Jarrett Stieber opened Little Bear just before the onset of COVID-19 in our community. In the past, you may have dined at his crazy-creative pop up inside of SOS Tiki Bar, Eat Me Speak Me, and the creativity and mouthwatering flavors that you'll find at Little Bear are just as enticing. Through all that's been happening with COVID-19, Jarrett's been able to keep his staff working and paid thanks to a spectacular to-go menu that changes every week and the support of the Atlanta community. Keep reading to find out how you can show your support!

Each week, Jarrett is changing the genre of cuisine for the menu to follow the countries in COVID-19’s path. Take a trip to Germany this week! Jarrett started the to-go menu out in China with Sichuan food, then moved to Italy, then to Spain. Wonder where they'll be headed next week? Check his Instagram for menus, and call (404) 500-5396 to order. Make sure to order early - they’ve been selling out every night!

You can help keep things operating smoothly by sending donations or buying gift cards via their Venmo account, @littlebearatl. When sending money write 'donation' or 'gift card' plus your full name and email address in the transaction memo. For gift cards, Little Bear will follow up with an emailed digital file of the card. These gift cards cannot be used for take-out orders though because they’re selling them as a way to supplement some revenue during this time.

And don't forget your Little Bear swag - you can order hats, t-shirts and doggie bandanas here, but only through Monday, April 27th, so get to it! 

While we all wait patiently for restaurant dining to go back to normal, try Little Bear's Sichuan Chicken with Asian broccoli, chilies, scallions & white rice (pictured above) will be on the G&G meal kit menu for 2 weeks! We can't wait for you to enjoy it and get a taste of what Chef Jarrett offers at Little Bear. Stay safe out there, and wash your hands!