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So What Exactly Is Chicken Biryani?

So What Exactly Is Chicken Biryani?

Take a trip to the Taj Mahal with every bite of this traditional Indian dish!

Famously inspired by the 17th century Mughal Empress Mumtaz Mahal, Chicken Biryani provides balanced nutrition as well as a spectacular aromatic flavoring! The Empress asked for the dish to be created after a visit to army barracks, realizing that the soldiers needed a meal that was quick to prepare & full of the nutrients they needed.

The dish later became a sacred meal reserved only for special occasions, but the popularity of biryani has grown so widely that it is now a weekly dinner staple in many parts of India and Pakistan.

This rice dish is known for its tantalizing array of fragrant spices such as turmeric, cardamom, chili powder, and cumin. But don’t let the Indian heat turn you away! Add a touch of cooling homemade cucumber yogurt sauce to tame the heat & enjoy bursts of flavor in every bite.

Basmati rice and chicken confit come together perfectly with our pre-portioned biryani spice, and with the addition of cashews, raisins, and green beans your Chicken Biryani will have all the makings of a perfectly balanced meal.

One of the great things about cooking is the flavorful aroma that fills your home. There’s no better example than with these fiery flavors of India. Are you ready to tame these Indian spices?


Order the dinner kit by Thursday night for delivery on Monday, August 20th. We can’t wait to share with you!