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The Man Behind Orchard Valley Mushrooms

The Man Behind Orchard Valley Mushrooms


Julius Miller is the owner and operator of Orchard Valley in NE Georgia. Each week, he delivers those beautiful cremini & button mushrooms you'll find in your G&G meal kits and grocery orders! He told us a little about how he got started 10 years ago.


"We work with 4 growers and have been growing since 2012. I started out growing oyster mushrooms, and through growing met other growers. It's been a night and day change for me since I was in the advertising business as a creative director and in 3D carving most of my life. I guess I was just looking for a change and wanted to get more back to earth. My grandfather was a farmer and hand-made chairs. I guess I just wanted to be like him."

–Julius Miller of Orchard Valley, pictured here with his wife Tricia