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5 Tips for Shopping at a Farmers Market

5 Tips for Shopping at a Farmers Market

#1 Don't leave home without them. Reuseable bags, that is. Not only will you totally look like you know what you're doing with your own reuseable bag, but you'll also help farmers and artisans save by not needing to provide disposable bags. So grab your Garnish & Gather grey tote and get to shopping!

#2 Get in the know! Farmers markets are more than just veggies. They are a place of community and activity! There are often cooking demonstrations by local chefs, activities for kids and information on local causes to be enjoyed as well. So be sure to follow your farmers markets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the next big social media craze so you can be sure not to miss these fun activities.

#3 Bring the money, honey. Everyone accepts cash, so if you have that you are good to go! But many markets also accept credit cards, debit cards and EBT/SNAP cards. So if you don't have cash, find out what other forms of payment your market accepts. That way you can hit up an ATM on the way if need be.

#4 Ask questions. Who better to tell you about how to cook a rutabega than the farmer that grew it!? Don't pass up the chance to chat with your local farmers and artisans and find out what they like to do with the food they grow. I guarantee they'll have some fantastic tips! What if you don't even know what a rutabega is? No problem! They are there to help, so don't be afraid to ask 'what the heck is this and what do I do with it?!' You may just find a new favorite food!!

#5 Timing is everything. If you are looking to score the freshest produce, you'll want to get there right when market opens. So if you're going after the season's first tomatoes, or those farm fresh eggs - get there early! However, if you're looking to mosey around, grab a snack and enjoy a cooking demo, you're ok showing up in the middle or toward the end of market.