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Treehouse Milk

Treehouse Milk

Meet the faces behind the best nutmilk in Atlanta! We asked Bess a few questions about how she and Kate started Treehouse nearly 10 years ago. We are so excited to be carrying their pecan milks in our local market. Order 'em here, and keep reading to learn more about Treehouse!


Tell us about Treehouse! How and when did you get started?

Kate and I started Treehouse in 2015.  We were both lovers of local food and our community and were both at a little bit of a career crossroads.  Tiring of the commercial almond milk at the grocery store, on a fortuitous whim, we decided to start making fresh, pure nutmilks and deliver them old-school milkman style.  We grew from there and did farmers markets, worked with coffee shops, shipped across the country, created nut byproducts, and otherwise went nuts through the end of 2019.  We took the pandemic years to regroup and figure out where we can really add value in this crazy world, and we’re thrilled to be back. 


Years ago y’all made a few different kinds of nut milks–how did you hone in on pecan milk?

My favorite question! We were making 9 different nutmilks (and oatmilk) using macadamia, almond, cashew and pecan. When we started, there weren’t a lot of plant-based milk options.  Now there’s a lot. But the world was missing pecan milk, and maintaining production of all those products was going to be unsustainable at that level. As a business that was largely founded on conscious consumption, it was only natural that we lean in and embrace pecans’ mightiness. It’s local, sustainably grown, an antioxidant powerhouse, and above all, delicious.  


Describe the way pecan milk tastes… in just 3 words! 

Luscious, smooth ... nutty 


How do you like to enjoy your pecan milk?  

I keep it simple and drink it straight. In the afternoon, when I’m feeling a slump, or after sweating, especially. It’s that relatively guiltfree treat I need to get through the day. Another favorite for me is to add a little to my black tea. 


What makes Treehouse nut milk stand out from the rest?

Where do we begin? Most plant-based drinks are filled with a lot of additives. We went out of our way to include a lot of pecans in our products and keep the additional ingredients to a minimum. You’re doing your part by drinking a sustainable nutmilk in sustainable packaging, and we’re doing ours by sourcing with intention and planting a tree with every purchase.  

I’m pretty sure that none of the big nutmilks out there can say that they got started by milkwomen making gallons of product on Vitamixes and delivering it to doorsteps. Plus, as the only plant-based milk in a can on the market right now, this might be the most delightful way to drink milk. :)


What is your favorite thing about being part of Atlanta’s local food community?

 The people. We’ve got some really great folks here – growers, market organizers, chefs, makers -- doing some amazing things. I’ve got so much love and gratitude for this community – especially the customers that support this whole ecosystem and have kept it all going through some tough years.