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Valentine's Day Menu

Valentine's Day Menu

No need to go out for Valentine's Day when you can enjoy a romantic night in, cozied up with a delicious homemade meal. We've curated a special Valentine's Day menu for you, including dinner & dessert recipes from No. 246, homemade ricotta, and even chocolate hazelnut crêpes that can take your celebration into the weekend--because nothing beats crêpes for brunch. Place your order here between Feb 5th and Feb 11th to have your order delivered on Thursday, Feb 13th. 




with grilled TGM sourdough, basil oil & microgreens

You won't find irresistably creamy, soft ricotta like this at the grocery store! We make it simple for you to whip up at home for an elegant appetizer. Heat a mixture of Rock House Creamery milk, buttermilk & cream until it curdles then drain & wait for the cheese magic to happen. Grill slices of TGM Bread's sourdough, generously smear with ricotta, scatter with microgreens & finish with a drizzle of infused oil. 





with lemon-dressed arugula & homemade tartar sauce

Find out why these crab cakes got rave reviews hot out of the G&G test kitchen! Combine flaky crabmeat with panko & seasonings including Old Bay, horseradish & dijon, form into patties & saute in butter. Whisk up an easy tartar sauce including capers & Doux South dill pickles to drizzle over them. Enjoy atop a bed of arugula dressed in a lemony vinaigrette then garnish with parsley & lemon wedges. 





with labneh, mint, dressed greens & toasted almonds

We're loving all things bright & citrusy right now to "beet" the winter blues & this gorgeous salad is no exception! Slice into sweet Florida oranges & turn their juice into a refreshing vinaigrette with a touch of honey. Toss local lettuce & crisp radicchio in the dressing & serve over a smear of tangy labneh, then top with orange segments & roasted beets Finish with a scattering of chopped toasted almonds & fresh mint. 





with fresh tagliatelle, mushrooms & kale

This week, transform your kitchen into no. 246, downtown Decatur's cozy, Italian-inspired farm to table restaurant, with Chef David's chicken marsala recipe. Lightly pan-sear Naked Truth chicken cutlets then add sauteed Orchard Valley mushrooms, local kale, capers & a splash of marsala wine. Toss housemade tagliatelle pasta in the sauce with a pat of butter & squeeze of lemon, then top with your chicken & garnish with shaved parmesan. 





with spinach, tomatoes, leeks, basil & french bread

 You won't believe how effortlessly this elegant meal comes together using just one pan! Simmer juicy cherry tomatoes & tender spinach in a garlicky cream sauce with leeks, a splash of wine, parmesan & fresh basil. Spoon it over Blue Circle salmon fillets pan-seared for a deliciously crispy skin. Enjoy paired with TGM Bread's rustic mini baguette, perfect for sopping up that flavorful sauce. 





with vanilla, caramelized sugar, blackberries & thyme

This classic, elegant dessert from no. 246's Pastry Chef Chrysta is the perfect sweet finish to Valentine's Day, or any dinner--no special occasion needed when we make it this easy! Whip up a creamy vanilla bean custard & pour into ramekins, then bake low & slow until set. Sprinkle with sugar then broil (or use a torch if you have one!) for a caramelized, shattering crust. Enjoy topped with plump blackberries & garnish with thyme sprigs.






with bananas, strawberries & whipped cream

 You'll be the household kitchen champion when you whip up a batch of these unbelievably easy & irresistable crepes, no special equipment required! Swirl delicate crepe batter into a thin layer on your pan & watch it cook in a matter of seconds. Make your own luxurious chocolate-hazelnut spread with melted dark chocolate & GA Grinder's creamy hazelnut butter. Spread generously onto your crepes then top with sliced bananas & strawberries, whipped cream & a dusting of powdered sugar. Perfect as a sweet breakfast or a delectable dessert! 



Place your order here between Feb 5th and Feb 11th to have your order delivered on Thursday, Feb 13th. Have any questions? Send us an email! 

Happy Valentine's Day!