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Why You Should Be Cooking with Meyer Lemons

Why You Should Be Cooking with Meyer Lemons

If you haven’t been introduced to Meyer lemons yet, you’re in for a treat. These small lemons are like the sweet, small cousin of regular lemons. They set themselves a part in a few key ways:



Meyer Lemons are smaller and rounder than regular lemons. Their skin is thinner and their color tends to be more yellow-orange. Inside, they are also darker.



Because they aren’t as acidic as a regular lemon, their sweetness is front and center. They’ve been described as a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange.



Scratch the skin of a regular lemon and a Meyer lemon and you’ll see that Meyer lemons are much more pungent.



Meyer lemons love cold weather and can be found growing in the depths of winter through the beginning of spring.


Try new favorite way to eat these sweet little lemons – the easiest sauce ever! Because of their thin skin, a whole Meyer lemon can be popped in a blender to make an incredible sweet, tangy and creamy sauce. You’ll love it over mahi mahi in this week’s Meyer Lemon Mahi Mahi.


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