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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is local?

    We consider the state of Georgia to be local and our neighboring states to be regional. We always start locally, in and around Atlanta & Athens, to find all of your food and then work to fill in the gaps, statewide and then regionally. If local or regional is not available, we will then choose non-local, non-regional organic as an alternative.

  • Is my produce organic?

    The majority of your produce is certified organic or certified naturally grown to accommodate great growing practices for smaller farmers who are working on their organic certification.

  • How are my meat & fish raised?

    We work with farmers who work hard to raise their animals with humane practices, including feeding their animals hormone- & antibiotic-free vegetarian diets. Our fish is all sustainably raised or caught and recommended by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. When possible we work to source meats from farms close to home!

  • What do I do with my G&G bags and ice packs?

    We encourage you to reuse your G&G bags and ice packs or return to G&G! Simply leave on your door step for home deliveries or return to your pick up location and we will sanitize and reuse them.

  • Is my packaging recyclable?

    Yes! The packaging that touches your food is recyclable. However, what you can or cannot recycle in your home recycling bin will depend on your county. Please check with your county before disposing of your recyclables.




  • What if I have food allergies?

    Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate very specific food allergies at this time. We process a variety of ingredients each week, including the top allergens. We do not have a separate processing area for gluten free items or nut-free items. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

  • Do I need to wash my fruits and veggies?

    Yes! Our fruits and veggies are fresh from the farm and may still have some dirt on them! We recommend washing all produce before beginning to cook.

  • What comes with each delivery?

    Your delivery comes with all the raw ingredients you need to cook your meal kits, in exactly the right portions. The only ingredients you need in your kitchen are salt, pepper, olive oil & butter. Some recipes will call for wine or beer, but we’ll list this on the menu so that you know ahead of time.

  • How do I thaw my meat or fish?

    To thaw your meat or fish for dinner this week, place it in the fridge in a plastic bag. To thaw your meat or fish for dinner tonight, you can either place in a plastic bag and submerge in cold tap water or thaw in the microwave.