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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Garnish & Gather?

    We prepare ready to cook meals with locally sourced food, so you can enjoy the art of cooking and save time! By finding amazing local farmers, ethically raised meats and sustainable seafood, we ensure that you are eating wholesome foods that support local business and sustainable farming practices. Our chefs create seasonal recipes that are not only delicious, but quick! Let us take care of the planning, prepping and shopping so you can spend your time with friends and family.

  • Where does the name Garnish & Gather come from?

    We are believers that dinner should be simple, cooking can be fun, and eating seasonally should be delicious. Just garnish your meal, and gather together.


  • What is local?

    We consider the state of Georgia to be local and our neighboring states to be regional. We always start locally, in and around Atlanta, to find all of your food and then work to fill in the gaps, statewide and then regionally.

  • How much of my meal is local?

    The majority of your meal is local! When we are not able to find certain ingredients locally or regionally, we strive to source those ingredients from domestic certified organic farms & producers.

  • Is my produce organic?

    The majority of your produce is certified organic or certified naturally grown to accommodate great growing practices for smaller farmers who are working on their organic certification.

  • How is my meat & fish raised?

    We work with farmers who raise their animals with humane practices. Our animals are all hormone & antibiotic free, raised on vegetarian diets & are treated humanely. The chickens are cage-free & certified humanely raised from Springer Mountain Farms (Mount Airy, GA) or pasture-raised from Darby Farms (Good Hope, GA) or White Oak Pastures (Bluffton, GA). Riverview Farms (Ranger, GA) supplies all of our pork, where the pigs forage and root in the pastures, and the cows from Brasstown Beef (Brasstown, NC) enjoy access to grass their whole lives. Most of our fish is domestic & wild-caught and is recommended as sustainable by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. The trout is our only farm-raised fish, harvested from sustainable farms in the Southern Appalachian Region.

  • What do I do with my G&G bags?

    We encourage you to reuse your G&G bags. If not, we're happy to reuse them, so please bring them back to your pick up location or leave them in you cooler at home and we will pick them up!

  • What do I do with extra ice packs and G&G cooler bags?

    We'd love to see you carrying your G&G bags around town, but if you have extras we'll be happy to take them back and reuse them! Please leave them out at your front door and we will pick them up when we deliver your order. If you pick up your orders, leave the bags & ice packs at the pick up location and we'll bring them back to the office.

  • Is my packaging recyclable?

    Yes! The packaging that touches your food is all recyclable.


  • What types of membership plans do you offer?

    We offer membership plans to receive meals for between 1 and 5 dinners each week or every other week. You can select what size you’d like for these dinners, either dinners that serve 2 or dinners that serve 4. You can change your plan at any time by sending us an email or giving us a call.

  • What if I have 3 or 5 people in my group?

    If you have 3 hungry adults, we’d recommend the 4 person serving. However, if you have any lighter eaters or small children in the group, you should be ok with the serving for 2. For a 2 serving meal, we include 2 portions of meat or fish, which can be easily split up for light eaters. You could also purchase an additional serving of meat or fish from our from our local market to serve with your meal. There are generally plenty of starches and veggies to serve an extra person.

    Have 5 or 6 hungry folks coming for dinner? No problem! We’d recommend ordering a 4 person and a 2 person serving and cooking it all together. Send us an email of give us a call if you'd like to order multiples of a meal kit.

  • When do I need to place my order and when will I get my order?

    Currently we accept orders through Wednesday evening for meal kits that will be delivered the following Sunday & Monday to homes & pick up locations. This gives us time to talk to our farmers so they can harvest the produce fresh for you each week.

  • How do I choose my meals each week?

    Its easy! During your first order, you’ll be able to select your meals during the ordering process. After you're signed up, you can log in each week starting on Thursday mornings and go to the My Account page to select your meals for the following week. If you forget or don't want to select meal choices we'll have our chefs pick out their favorite meals for your order. We know you'll love them!

  • Is there a minimum membership length?

    There is no minimum membership length and you can unsubscribe at any time - just log in and go to My Account, and click unsubscribe by midnight on Wednesday to unsubscribe from your meal delivery scheduled for the following Monday. Want to try us out outside of membership? Select "One Time Order" when you’re in our shopping cart to try just one week out!

  • How will you charge my credit card?

    After you sign up for membership, your credit card will be billed for the current week and then will be automatically charged every week, or every other week for biweekly subscriptions, on Thursday morning after the order window closes. If you’d like to unsubscribe, please do so by logging into Garnish & Gather, going to My Account and clicking unsubscribe by midnight on Wednesday to unsubscribe from your meal delivery scheduled for the following Sunday or Monday.

  • I just want to try it out for one week - do I still need a membership?

    We can’t wait for you to try a Garnish & Gather meal! To try us out for just one week, select "One Time Order" in the shopping cart.

  • Can I put my membership on hold?

    Yes! If you're going out of town or need to skip a week, login to My Account and click "Pause" next to your membership plan. You'll then be able to select when dates you’d like to skip. Please be sure to pause your membership by Wednesday at midnight to pause your order for the following Sunday or Monday.

  • How do I edit my order, change my membership plan or delivery/pick up preferences?

    To edit your meal selection, subscription or pickup/delivery preferences for this week, please do so by Wednesday night. Just login to your account to make the changes. If you need to make a change after our order window has closed, please email us at info@garnishandgather.com

  • Do you offer gift certificates?

    Yes! G&G gift certificates make a wonderful gift for celebrations and special thank you's. We can’t wait for you to share the gift of local with friends and family. We recommend including the cost of delivery for gifts if the recipient lives in our delivery zone. Order the perfect G&G gift today!

  • How do I redeem my gift card?

    If your gift certificate has a gift code on it, you can redeem your gift card by ordering your meals on our Meals page and you will have the opportunity to enter in the gift code at checkout. If your gift card doesn’t not have a gift code on it, please email us at info@garnishandgather.com to redeem!


  • How & when do I get my meals?

    You can choose to either pick up your meals at one of our pick up locations on Monday or have your meals delivered to your home on Sunday or Monday for a small fee. Delivery to addresses within the Perimeter is on Sunday, and delivery to addresses outside of the Perimeter is on Monday. Our meals are delivered once a week, so if you order 5 meals for the week they will all be delivered on the same day.

  • Can you deliver even if I’m not home?

    We sure can! Your meals will be delivered in a cooler bag with ice packs so we can be sure your meals stay fresh for you in the Georgia heat!

  • Where do you deliver?

    Visit our Pick Up Location page or plug in your zip code on the order page to see if we deliver to you. Not sure if we will deliver to you? Ask us! We plan to expand our delivery area very soon, so stay tuned!

  • What are your pick up locations?

    Click here for our current pick up locations. We are growing our network of pick up locations quickly! So be sure to check back soon. If you’d like a pick up location near you, please let us know where would be convenient, or if you have someplace in mind!

    Want to be a pickup location? Let us know and we can work it out!

  • I just want to order some of your groceries - how do I receive them?

    We can’t wait for you to taste some of the amazing goodies our local food artisans are making! Our local provisions can be delivered to your home or picked up from one of our pick up locations. Provisions can be added on to any meal kit order, or can be ordered alone. We do not ship any goods.

  • What if I miss my Monday pick up at a pick up location?

    If you won’t be able to make your Monday pick up, please let us know ASAP. If we don’t hear from you, we cannot guarantee the food will be kept at safe temperatures.


  • What if I have special dietary needs?

    No problem! With our weekly selection of meals, we hope to have some great options that you can enjoy. If you're staying away from gluten, you'll find most of our meals can be easily altered to avoid gluten and we’ll note if it’s an optional ingredient or not. If you ever have any questions, simply contact us and we’ll help you choose the best fit.

  • What if I have food allergies?

    Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate very specific food allergies at this time. We process a variety of ingredients each week, including the top allergens. We do not have a separate processing area for gluten free items or nut-free items. We are looking to expand our offerings as we grow and would love to know what you would like! So please contact us with any suggestions, questions or concerns.

  • Do you have vegetarian menu options?

    We try to have at least one vegetarian or pescatarian option available each week and are working on expanding our offerings! Many of our meals can be eaten without the meat and be very satisfying. If you have meat-eater friends, they can take it off your hands!

  • Do I need to wash my fruits and veggies?

    We love our farm fresh fruits and veggies and recommend washing them before cooking as they are often straight from the farm!

  • How long are the meals good for?

    Everything is packed to stay fresh for several days. We recommend eating your meals within 4-5 days of receiving them, however, some items will definitely stay fresh for longer! Concerned? Put your meats in the freezer, and our veggies are harvested to order, so heartier veggies should be ok! Recipes that include pre-cut items and freshly baked breads should be eaten earlier in the week.

  • How long will it take me to cook my meal?

    Our meals are designed to be completed in 30 minutes. All meals list the active and total cook times, so you can plan in advance.

  • What comes with each delivery?

    Your delivery comes with all the raw ingredients you need to produce meals for the week (based on your subscription), in exactly the right portions.  The only ingredients you need in your kitchen are salt, pepper, olive oil & butter. Some recipes will call for eggs, wine or beer, but we’ll remind you if you need any of those for your meal!

  • How do I thaw my meat or fish?

    To thaw your meat or fish for dinner this week, place it in the fridge in a plastic bag. To thaw your meat or fish for dinner tonight you can either place in a plastic bag and submerge in cold tap water, or under running cold tap water or thaw in the microwave.

  • What if I have a problem with my delivery or my meal?

    Please let us know right away by contacting us, we want to be sure we fix things for you!