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This holiday season, give the gift of local. With each gift card purchased for $75 or more we’ll include a complimentary second edition G&G cookbook. The cookbook is full of seasonal G&G favorites & is the perfect accompaniment to a G&G gift card for a little something extra.*

*Not valid for e-mailed gift cards. Each individual gift card must be $75 or more to receive the cookbook.

Give the gift of local

choose from our beautiful, hand-painted designs

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Happy Holidays
Happy Eating
Thank You
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Frequently Asked Questions

For what amount should I purchase the gift card?

You can purchase a gift card for any dollar amount, which can be redeemed for any assortment of meals, groceries, or home deliveries. The packages recommended above are our best sellers, but you can purchase a gift card for any dollar amount. Click here to see our menu this week and more about our pricing.

How will the recipient receive their gift card?

You have multiple options for receiving the gift card. (1) You can pick it up at one of our convenient pick up locations (2) You can have the gift card mailed to the recipient (3) For same day delivery, you can have the gift card emailed to the recipient.

How can the recipient redeem their gift package?

The recipient will receive a code, which they simply enter at checkout. Your gift card is for a fixed dollar amount that your recipient can spend as they wish on any combination of products including meals, deliveries, or groceries.

How will the recipient receive their meals?

Meals can be picked up on Mondays at one of our convenient pick up locations, or delivered on to homes & offices on Sunday or Monday, depending on the delivery zip code. Delivery is in and around Atlanta. Check to see if we deliver to your gift recipient

Does the total amount have to spent all at once?

Your gift does not expire and the recipient can redeem their gift over any period of time. It does not need to be redeemed all at once.