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Native Atlantan and adventurous home cook, Emily loves local. After leaving Georgia for college and a stint in corporate consulting, she quickly succumbed to the irresistible siren song of home, returning to help her family expand their business, Intimacy, Atlanta’s famed lingerie boutique. Meanwhile, CSA (community-supported agriculture) membership was the gateway drug to all things food. Local vegetables began a search for local meats and cheeses, which lead to regular Sunday night dinners to share these bounties with friends and family. The next thing she knew she was pickling okra, tending an herb garden, and reading everything she could about farming and food. That passion has now become Garnish & Gather, a place where Emily can share her love of farm fresh food and indulge her obsessive-compulsive enjoyment of excel spreadsheets. When she’s not designing the perfect pivot table, she can be found haunting Atlanta’s yoga studios, its great restaurants, and turning her home into a life-sized Pinterest board.

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As G&G’s First Man and Vice President of Tasting, Lucas’ two primary missions in life are to eat the delicious cooking of his wife (Emily!) and clean the dishes afterwards. In his spare time, he is a physician practicing internal medicine with Emory’s residency program. He is also a graduate of the Emory University School of Medicine (though allegiance to the dawgs always takes precedence). If you ever happen by his clinic at Grady Hospital, expect to overhear him extoling the virtues of fresh fruits and vegetables to his patients. As an alumnus of a particularly deranged group of individuals known as Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers, he can be found at odd moments in the day wistfully starring off into the distance, dreaming of another long hike. If only G&G had mountaintop delivery.

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Danielle Moore, our Mealtime Manager, is a Nutritionist and local food cheerleader. Her passion lies in local, sustainable agriculture and its effects on the health of individuals and the community. After getting her Masters in Business from the University of Florida, she moved north to "The South" and fell in love with the Atlanta local food scene. Through her work with Georgia Organics, she developed and launched a statewide program to get more folks at local farmers markets, but the urge to connect Georgians with their local farmers persisted. Enter: Garnish & Gather. Danielle gladly serves as Garnish & Gather's Mealtime Manager, fostering relationships with local farmers and producers, managing marketing outreach and happily testing and tweaking delicious G&G recipes to match the local harvest. When she isn't hanging with farmers or testing recipes, she is enthusastically enjoying her husband, Kyle, and son, Gaines.

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Garnish & Gather was founded by Emily in the fall of 2012. While working together with Brenda Gage at Intimacy, a national retail concept dedicated to helping women find the properly fitting bra, Brenda & Emily both struggled with a basic issue just about every night of the week – what’s for dinner!?

Emily loves participating in her local CSA and often encouraged others to try it out, but usually without success as they didn’t really believe that they could cook the variety of ingredients included in their box. Similarly, Brenda was struggling with the daily dinnertime quandry when one weekend, a friend helped her prep for a bridal shower brunch by purchasing all the ingredients Brenda needed and lightly preparing them for her. All of a sudden, cooking the brunch was a snap! 

Bringing these ideas together, Garnish & Gather was born. Aimed at connecting more folks with wholesome locally grown foods, teaching creative cooking techniques, and giving people their time back – G&G makes dinner simple again.