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Past Menus

Monday April 30th, 2018

Sweet Chili Shrimp with crispy garlic-caper green beans over coconut rice see more

This unfussy & flavorful recipe is guaranteed to be a hit at the dinner table! Marinate plump shrimp from Sea Pearl Seafood in Chinese Southern Belle's sweet chili sauce, lime & aromatics. Saute the shrimp with tender greens, then serve along with your flavorful pan sauce over a bed of fragrant coconut rice garnished with fresh cilantro. On the side, enjoy charred local green beans tossed with briny capers & garlic.

Asparagus & Pea Risotto with whipped lemony fromage, spring onion, walnuts & herbs see more

You won't believe how easy it is to make this delightful, vegetarian risotto! Simmer arborio rice with aromatics, a splash of white wine & flavorful broth, then add a sprinkle of parmesan to your dreamy homemade risotto. Top with sauteed Fallaw Farms asparagus, spring onion, English peas & carrots with refreshing mint & dill. Finish it off with a dollop of whipped Woodsman & Wife fromage blanc with a squeeze of lemon & a handful of healthy walnuts.

Chicken Picadillo with tomato sauce, currants & carrots over feta corn cakes see more

Everyone's sure to leave the table full & happy with this savory, flavor-packed dish! Simmer succulent pulled chicken thighs in a tomato-based picadillo sauce made with carrot coins, aromatics & warm spices studded with sweet currants & briny olives. Form tender corn cakes made with Caly Road Creamery's tangy feta & pan-fry 'til perfectly crisp on the outside. Top with your picadillo & garnish with sour cream & fresh cilantro.

Cumin-Lime Pork Tacos with strawberry relish, feta & pepitas over quinoa see more

Any day can be taco Tuesday with this fun recipe! Pile corn tortillas high with Pine Street Market's pulled pork seasoned with smoky cumin, honey & a squeeze of bright lime. Crumble feta from Caly Road Creamery over top & finish with a homemade relish of local strawberries, jalapeno, cilantro & ginger. On the side, enjoy zesty, superfood quinoa studded with toasted pepitas.

Strawberry-Chipotle Chicken over asparagus, pecan & spring onion farro pilaf see more

All our favorite spring flavors, all in one place! Toasted garlic farro is tossed with crisp Fallaw Farm asparagus, sauteed spring onions, Stone Mountain Pecan Company pecans, fresh cilantro & crumbled queso fresco. Tender Springer Mountain Farm chicken breasts are pan-seared then simmered in a lip-smacking BBQ sauce made with Watsonia Farm strawberries, chipotle peppers, brown sugar & Dijon.

Monday April 23rd, 2018

Herbed Pork Chops over spring pea mash with citrusy-radish salad see more

This elegant dish is bursting with seasonal flavors & is a breeze to make! Riverview Farms' pork chops are seasoned with rosemary, ground fennel & fresh lemon zest then pan-seared to perfection. On the side enjoy an English pea puree with potatoes, mint & green onion. Top it off with a refreshing radish salad tossed with bright lemon & celery.

Thai Peanut Chicken with coconut milk, bok choy & carrots over rice see more

This dish has a lot going on in the flavor department, so it's sure to entice everyone to the table. Simmer tender Naked Truth chicken breasts in a creamy coconut sauce with smooth peanut butter, golden turmeric, sauteed carrots & bok choy. Serve all of that savory goodness over a bed of steamed rice, then garnish with roasted peanuts & quick-pickled Crystal Organic peppers tossed with fresh mint & cilantro.

Captain Vic's Fish & Chips with pickled okra tartar sauce & spring snap pea salad see more

The G&G staff loves this twist on a classic from our beloved Chef Torie Cox, a.k.a. Captain Vic! Let this recipe steer you towards more flavorful waters as you whisk up your own tartar sauce made with pickled okra from Serenbe Foods. Lightly batter & pan fry mild, tender fillets of redfish from Sea to Table. Ditch the usual deep-fried chips & bake seasoned potatoes instead. On the side, enjoy a colorful, crisp & tangy salad with snap peas, radish & carrot. 

One Eared Stag's Chicken Milanese with brown butter, manchego, charred onion & arugula see more

Transform your kitchen into Inman Park gem One Eared Stag with this recipe from Chef Robert Phalen. Our Recipe Testers love the unexpected & delicious flavors in this luxurious dish! Dredge Springer Mountain chicken breasts in egg & breadcrumbs, then lightly sear to golden perfection. Serve them over a bed of arugula tossed with a nutty brown butter-shallot vinaigrette & generous portion of shaved manchego cheese. Top with caramelized, sweet yellow onions & serve The General Muir's focaccia on the side.

Harissa Chicken Meatballs over artichoke-herb orzo with spring peas & feta crema see more

You're sure to love the alluring flavors & tongue-tingling spice of harissa that transforms this comforting dish! Form Naked Truth ground chicken into meatballs then simmer in a tomato sauce with harissa, coriander & aromatics. Serve meatballs over tender orzo tossed with English peas, artichoke hearts, parsley & mint, then garnish with a dollop of crema made with Caly Road Creamery feta & Working Cows Dairy cream.

Monday April 16th, 2018

Blue Ribbon Baked Chicken with rosemary ham, gruyere, balsamic asparagus & grits see more

You & yours will love this take on classic chicken cordon bleu! Bake tender Springer Mountain chicken breasts topped with glorious, melty gruyere, The Spotted Trotter's rosemary ham & a light dusting of herbed breading. Drizzle Watsonia Farm asparagus spears with olive oil & white balsamic, then serve it all over a bed of Riverview Farms grits.

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Bowl with quinoa, sweet potato, peppers & queso fresco see more

Toss superfood quinoa with a smooth & tangy dressing made with sour cream, smoky cumin, honey from Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm & a squeeze of fresh lime. Top it with pulled chicken thighs sauteéd with a mild, flavor-packed spice blend, black beans, local sweet potatoes, Crystal Organic Farm's peppers, queso fresco, fresh cilantro & toasted pepitas. 

Chicken Burgers with strawberry ketchup & roasted potato-kale hash see more

Shake up your dinner routine this week with this crowd pleasing chicken burger recipe! Form seasoned White Oak Pasture's ground chicken into patties & pan-sear to juicy perfection. Slide them onto TGM hamburger buns then top with Crystal Organic Farm arugula, red onion & homemade ketchup featuring Watsonia Farm strawberries. On the side, enjoy roasted potatoes & kale with aromatic garlic.

Seared Tuna Poke Bowl with ponzu, bok choy, radish, teriyaki glaze & sriracha mayo see more

This tuna poké bowl is what it's all about! Briefly marinate tuna steaks from Blue Circle in a sweet-tart ponzu sauce then pan-sear to perfection. Fill bowls with sushi rice then top with tuna, thin-sliced radish & lightly sauteed bok choy & snow peas. Whip up a spicy mayo for drizzling along with Chinese Southern Belle's mouthwatering Wild Wild East teriyaki sauce, then sprinkle with crumbled nori & scallions.

Rosemary-Dijon Steak over brown rice pilaf with spring peas & fennel see more

You're sure to love this satisfying, herbaceous recipe that's chock full of veggies & tastes like springtime! Pan-sear Niman Ranch sirloin steaks to perfection, then top with an elegant French-style sauce of dijon mustard, fresh rosemary, thyme & a squeeze of lemon. Serve it all over a hearty & healthy brown rice pilaf with rosemary, fresh English peas & Tucker Farms fennel.

Monday April 9th, 2018

Spanish Sofrito Chicken over fluffy couscous with asparagus & spring peas see more

This crowd pleasing dish is sure to be a hit at your table! Simmer Springer Mountain chicken breasts in this Spanish-inspired sofrito sauce packed with roasted red peppers, paprika & aromatics. Serve it over fluffy couscous tossed with the first asparagus of the season from Watsonia Farm & tender spring peas.

Lemon-Herb Shrimp Risotto with sauteed asparagus & button mushrooms see more

Relax into an enjoyable evening with this restaurant-worthy meal coming out of your own kitchen. Shrimp from Sea to Table are quickly sautéed with tender Watsonia asparagus & Orchard Valley button mushrooms. Simmer it all in a classic white wine-butter sauce with a verdant bouquet of fresh parsley, tarragon & chives. Enjoy over a bed of creamy arborio rice risotto with parmesan & a splash of cream. 

Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken with seasoned potato wedges, herbed crema & beet salad see more

Our Founder Emily especially loves the refreshing flavors in this veggie-packed dish! Brush Doux South's irresistable honey mustard onto tender Naked Truth chicken breasts, then bake alongside garlic-seasoned potato wedges. On the side, enjoy a beautifully ruby-hued beet salad that's tossed with fresh herbs & an easy sherry vinaigrette. Top it all off with a creamy dollop of homemade dill yogurt sauce.

Strawberry California Bowl with avocado, quinoa, leeks & creamy herb dressing see more

This healthy vegetarian bowl is packed with all the best flavors & colors of spring! Serve ruby-red Watsonia Farm strawberries, bright green avocado slices & caramelized leeks over a bed of superfood quinoa tossed with wilted greens & a creamy herbed dressing made with Anything Vegan's 7-Herb Sauce. Top it all off with a handful of candied walnuts & crumbled fromage blanc.

Anju's Korean Japchae with beef, shiitakes & greens over glass noodles see more

Transform your kitchen into Atlanta's hottest pop-up, Anju, with this recipe from Chef James Murphy! Saute Sparta Imperial shiitakes, onion, carrots, bell pepper & greens with 6oz of Pine Street Market's thinly sliced beef bulgogi. Serve over glass noodles tossed in flavorful sesame sauce, then garnish with fresh green onion, a sprinkle of black & white sesame seeds. Enjoy with locally made Simply Kimchi on the side. Make sure to check out Anju at Grant Park's Revelator Coffee (formerly Octane)!

Monday April 2nd, 2018

Thai Coconut Chicken Kebabs with mushrooms, zucchini & ginger-lime dipping sauce see more

This Thai-inspired recipe is packed with tons of flavor to lure in even the pickiest of eaters. Marinate Naked Truth chicken breasts in a melange of spices, tamari & coconut milk, then get everyone in on the fun of skewering them with Orchard Valley button mushrooms, local zucchini & onion pieces. Enjoy your skewers paired with a vibrant ginger-lime sauce & served over creamy coconut rice.

Sirloin Steak & Strawberry Glaze with roasted green garlic, broccoli & potatoes see more

Dusted with cracked black pepper & pan-seared, this gorgeous steak dinner will make any night of the week feel special! Coat tender sirloin in a delicious & balanced sauce made with juicy, ruby red strawberries & balsamic vinegar. Serve alongside a springtime melange of Tucker Farms green garlic, baby potatoes & broccoli roasted to perfection & tossed with fresh tarragon.

Almond-Crusted Chicken with strawberry-pea quinoa & lemony-ricotta see more

Press a flavorful combination of parmesan & chopped almonds onto Springer Mountain chicken breasts, then bake until the crust is perfectly golden! Toss juicy, sliced Watsonia Farm strawberries, Crystal Organic Farm purple radishes & spring peas with garlic, leeks, quinoa & homemade lemon-ricotta dressing for a dinner that's berry delicious!

Prosciutto White Pizza with mushrooms, rosemary & orange-balsamic salad see more

This artisanal crust from Victtoria Pie is spread lightly with their flavorful white sauce. Top it with The Spotted Trotter duck prosciutto, Rock House Creamery's gouda cheese, Orchard Valley button mushrooms & fresh rosemary. On the side, lightly dress lettuce, juicy orange wedges & red onion with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Blackened Sheet Pan Trout with spring onion, potatoes, carrots & buttermilk-herb drizzle see more

This standout springtime recipe has the added bonus of minimal cleanup afterwards. Dust Carolina trout fillets from Kathleen's Catch with mild Creole seasoning. Nestle fish among a mélange of local spring onions, carrots, potatoes & green peppers with thyme sprigs & bake. Finish with an easy buttermilk sauce made from Rock House Creamery buttermilk, a splash of hot sauce & fresh herbs, then garnish with lemon wedges.

Monday March 26th, 2018

Pork Chops & Leek Cream Sauce with button mushrooms & rosemary-parmesan potatoes see more

Smother pan-seared Riverview Farms pork chops with a delicious sauce featuring Southern Swiss heavy cream, spring leeks, Orchard Valley button mushrooms & a touch of white wine. On the side, enjoy tender roasted potatoes tossed with fresh garlic, rosemary & parmesan.

Pulled Pork Empanada Pot Pie with artichokes, queso fresco & spinach pesto drizzle see more

Everything you love about empanadas with half the work! Create a mouthwatering pot pie filling with tender Pine Street Market pulled pork, artichoke hearts, briny olives, tomato & queso fresco. Cover everything with a blanket of S&J pizza dough, then bake to all it's golden, crusty glory. Top it off with a dollop of homemade pecan pesto swirled with sour cream.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps with balsamic strawberries, quinoa, almonds, feta & mint see more

The beginning of spring is so close, you can just taste it in these refreshing, healthy lettuce wraps! Macerate strawberries in balsamic with bright lemon zest. Toss superfood quinoa & toasted almonds along with strawberries in a homemade herb dressing. Lay strips of Springer Mountain chicken breasts into crisp lettuce leaves, top with quinoa & garnish with Caly Road Creamery feta cheese.

Honey-Glazed Salmon over quinoa with roasted fennel & strawberries see more

Wild-caught salmon fillets are slathered with a lip smacking honey-garlic glaze, then baked to perfection. Whip up an easy lemon-balsamic dressing, then toss with superfood quinoa, fresh arugula, roasted fennel & strawberries. Garnish with verdant fennel fronds & lemon wedges. 

Coconut-Panko Chicken with curry sweet potatoes, greens & pickled red onion see more

You're going to love the sweet & savory flavors in this comforting dish! Marinate Springer Mountain chicken breasts in creamy coconut milk, lemongrass & ginger, then coat with crunchy panko breadcrumbs & lightly pan sear. Serve over coconut-curry simmered sweet potatoes with aromatics & greens. Top it all off with quick-pickled red onion & a sprinkle of fresh cilantro.

Monday March 19th, 2018

Coconut Adobo Chicken with wilted kale, shiitakes & savory cheddar cheese grits see more

This flavorful, saucy, Southern twist on a classic Filipino comfort food is guaranteed to satisfy! Simmer tender Naked Truth chicken breasts in a sweet, tangy adobo sauce with creamy coconut milk, hearty kale, and Ellijay Mushrooms's shiitakes. Soak up every bit of that mouthwatering sauce & serve over a bed of Riverview Farms' grits made impossibly creamy with a generous sprinkle of sharp cheddar.

Korean Chicken Meatballs with sweet & sour beet sauce over sesame-veggie rice see more

Take a culinary vacation this week with this Korean-inspired recipe! Our founder Emily loves making these flavor-packed meatballs with White Oak Pastures chicken & fresh ginger. Whip up a brightly hued beet sauce with a savory pan-asian flair. Serve it all over a bed of sesame rice tossed with carrots & Swiss chard, then garnish with Rodger's Greens & Roots spring scallions & sesame seeds.

Spring Pea & Bacon Tortellini with parmesan cream sauce & lemony dressed greens see more

Cozy up with a bowl of Pasta Mami's fresh cheese tortellini smothered with a mouthwatering, creamy sauce studded with Pine Street Market bacon & Orchard Valley button mushrooms. Add a healthy handful of local arugula & fresh spring peas. Garnish with a verdant sprinkle of chives & enjoy alongside a bed of lightly dressed greens.

Cafe Sunflower's Falafel Pita with apple-radish slaw, cool herb dressing & feta see more

You won't want to miss this healthy & satisfying meal featuring falafel mix made specially for G&G home chefs by our friends at Cafe Sunflower, one of Atlanta's premier vegetarian restaurants! Load up fluffy pitas from Classic Pita with your falafel & an herbed slaw of crisp apples, local radishes & ribbons of kale tossed in a creamy dressing. Finish it off with crumbled Caly Road Creamery feta cheese.

Meyer Lemon Shrimp with sauteed Swiss chard & creamy root veggie puree see more

Here at G&G we try hundreds of recipes each year & this one was a standout favorite with our staff! Sauté shrimp from Sea Pearl Seafood with local Swiss chard & fresh herbs in a garlic butter sauce, then finish with a squeeze of sweet Meyer lemon. Serve over a creamy potato & radish purée with thyme & a splash of cream. This elevated recipe is a breeze to make, but tastes like a million bucks!

Monday March 12th, 2018

Balsamic Glazed Chicken with strawberry jalapeno salsa, basmati rice & pistachios see more

Our founder Emily loves to celebrate the return of spring with this savory dish featuring some of the season's first strawberries! Tender Springer Mountain chicken breasts are smothered with a balsamic glaze with fresh thyme & topped with a salsa made from fresh strawberries, scallions & jalapeño peppers. Serve it all over fluffy cardamom-scented yellow rice & garnish with pistachios.

Yalla's Harissa Chicken with kale-almond tabbouleh over israeli couscous see more

Transform your kitchen into Yalla with this recipe from Chef Todd Ginsberg! If you already love their Krog Street Market location, then be sure to check out their new location at The Canteen! Bake Springer Mountain chicken breasts with spicy harissa, then serve over herbacious tabbouleh made with kale, mint, parsley, almonds, dried cherries & Israeli couscous. Serve over an artful smear of Yalla's creamy labne!

Oven-Fried Fish Tacos with chipotle crema, slaw & sweet potato wedges see more

Fish tacos are back! Tender strips of wild-caught cod are dusted with a seasoned cornmeal breading, then baked. Place fish in Los Amigos corn tortillas & top with a refreshing cilantro-lime slaw with shredded cabbage & radish & a chipotle crema. On the side, enjoy baked sweet potato wedges with a pinch of chili powder.

Cracked Pepper Sirloin Steak with creamed kale & mashed sweet potatoes see more

You won't believe this low-effort meal is simply chock full of deliciousness that'll warm you up in an instant. Season Niman Ranch sirloin steaks with cracked black pepper & sear to perfection. Mash local sweet potatoes with a pat of butter for a comforting side dish. Complete this meal with an easy-peasy creamed kale that will become an instant favorite at your table!

St. Patty's Irish Sausage with apple butter glaze & herb-roasted vegetables see more

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this hearty Irish dish! White Oak Pastures sausage is pan-seared & glazed with a mouthwatering sauce of aromatics, Dijon & Mercier Orchards apple butter & apple cider. Serve alongside a healthy medley of roasted apples, carrots, cabbage & potatoes with thyme, sage & caraway seeds.

Monday March 5th, 2018

Strawberry Chicken Bowl with farro, greens, mint & homemade vinaigrette see more

The signs of spring are all around us! Enjoy local greens topped with hearty farro & quick-pickled Watsonia Farm strawberries and Rogers Greens & Root's scallions. You'll love the combination of these flavors topped with tender, pan-seared Springer Mountain chicken breasts dusted with smoky spices. Toss it all with a tangy homemade vinaigrette, fresh mint & parmesan cheese. 

Lemon-Herb Roasted Chicken & mushroom-leek cream sauce over toasted farro see more

Welcome the imminent change of seasons with the vibrant, early spring flavors in this dish. Roast tender Naked Truth chicken breasts with verdant sprigs of dill & bright lemon slices. Generously coat chicken with a delicate, creamy sauce of spring leeks, Orchard Valley button mushrooms & silky creme fraiche. Enjoy over a bed of farro toasted with aromatics & tossed with wilted Crystal Organic's Swiss chard. 

Green Curry Beef Meatballs with Asian greens, sweet peppers & carrot-herb salad over rice see more

Curry some favor at the dinner table this week with this flavor-packed, belly-warming meal! Form Rock House Farm's ground beef & aromatics into juicy meatballs, then simmer them in a mild, creamy coconut green curry sauce along with sliced sweet peppers & Asian greens. Serve it all over a bed of rice & top with a bright garnish of herbed carrot & radish salad.

Stewed Yucatan Pork with sweet potato, poblano & cilantro-lime crema see more

This colorful dish features some of our favorite veggies & the perfect balance of sweetness & spice! Saute poblano pepper, sweet potato from Rise N Shine Farm, baby sweet turnips from Crystal Organic Farm & diced tomato to make a veggie-packed base, then add a splash of citrus, beef broth & Pine Street Market's pulled pork. Simmer to perfection & garnish with a drizzle of cilantro crema & toasted pepitas.

Moroccan Shakshuka with greens, feta, eggs, spicy harissa & pita wedges see more

The G&G staff are big fans of this vegetarian dish because it's healthy, filling & the flavors are addictive! Shakshuka is a staple comfort food in North Africa & the Middle East. You'll simmer hearty greens, chickpeas, tomatoes & herbs with smoky spices, harissa & a splash of white wine. Nestle Rise 'N Shine Farm eggs among the veggies & cook until they're just the way you like them! On the side, enjoy wedges of pita toasted with crumbled Caly Road Creamery feta cheese.

Monday February 26th, 2018

Chicken Pot Pie with mushrooms, squash & cheddar-cornbread crust see more

Nothing says comfort like a hearty pot pie! This unique take on a Southern classic features Springer Mountain chicken breasts, butternut squash, Crystal Organics Hakurai turnips & Orchard Valley button mushrooms. Top it with a simply scrumptious cornbread crust featuring local buttermilk & Wright's Dairy Red Hill cheddar cheese, then bake to bubbly, golden glory.

Coconut Shrimp Cakes with homemade peanut dressing, slaw & miso-lime rice see more

You won't be able to get enough of these flavor-packed shrimp cakes that are so simple to make! Lightly pan-fry patties of wild-caught Gulf shrimp, crisp panko breadcrumbs & a splash of coconut milk, then serve over zesty miso rice. On the side, throw together a colorful slaw of purple cabbage, local cucumber, radish, cilantro & mint with a creamy dressing made with peanut butter & a touch of sriracha.

Black & Blue Steak with rosemary-roasted potatoes & crisped garlicky kale see more

This ain't your average steak & potatoes! Painted Hills steaks are rubbed with blackening seasoning & pan seared, then smothered with a mouthwatering blue cheese sauce made with Atlanta Fresh heavy cream. On the side, roast potatoes with fresh rosemary & crisp farm fresh kale tossed with aromatic garlic.

Spoon Bread & Pork Chops with leeks, fontina & pear-pecan relish see more

This lovely cornmeal spoon bread steals the show with it's light, yet smooth, texture & the delicate flavor of Crystal Organic leeks melted in butter & creamy fontina. Serve alongside seared Riverview Farms pork chops with a mild spice rub topped with a refreshing bite of homemade relish with crisp pears, cruncy pecans & fresh herbs.

Sesame-Ginger Brisket Stir Fry with mushrooms, bok choy, rice noodles & soft boiled egg see more

Stir fry fragrant sesame oil & ginger with Orchard Valley cremini mushrooms, Asian greens, green onion & Pine Street Market pulled brisket. Serve over a nest of wide rice noodles (the same kind you love in takeout Pad Thai!) tossed with cilantro in an umami-rich sauce. Top it all off with a soft-boiled Rise 'N Shine Organic Farm egg, a garnish of fresh lime & a sprinkle of sesame seeds.