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local apples
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$6 local apples
cherry tomatoes
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$5 cherry tomatoes
organic avocados
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$6.50 organic avocados
button mushrooms
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$3 button mushrooms
local sweet potatoes
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$5 local sweet potatoes
oyster mushrooms
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$6 oyster mushrooms
shiitake mushrooms
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$6 shiitake mushrooms
organic bananas
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$4 organic bananas
local kale
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$5.50 local kale
local radishes
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$3 local radishes
local lettuce
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$7 local lettuce
local collard greens
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$5.50 local collard greens
local carrots
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$7 local carrots
local arugula
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$7 local arugula

produce bundles

the farmer's bundle - mini
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$19 the farmer's bundle - mini
the farmer's bundle - regular
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$25 the farmer's bundle - regular
the fruit picker's bundle
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$24 the fruit picker's bundle