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atlanta organic dinner delivery

to serve people Sweet Chili Shrimp with crispy garlic-caper snap peas over coconut rice [see more]

Crowd Pleaser

Chef Jaye Moore

These juicy, wild-caught Gulf shrimp are sure to be a hit at your table! Marinate them in Asian Sweet Chili Peach Sauce from Chinese Southern Belle. Toss flavorful shrimp in a pan with Global Growers Komatsuna, which is an asian green similar to spinach. This makes a great sauce for serving over a bed of coconut rice garnished with fresh cilantro alongside charred snap peas tossed with capers & garlic.

Allergens: shellfish, honey, soy

20 minutes active; 25 minutes total

to serve people Asparagus & Pea Risotto with whipped lemony fromage, spring onion, walnuts & herbs [see more]

Easy & Elegant

Chef Robin Pridgen

You won't believe how easy it is to make this delightful, vegetarian risotto! Simmer arborio rice with aromatics, a splash of white wine & flavorful broth, then add a sprinkle of parmesan to your dreamy homemade risotto. Top with sauteed Fallaw Farms asparagus, spring onion, English peas & carrots with refreshing mint & dill. Finish it off with a dollop of whipped Woodsman & Wife fromage blanc with a squeeze of lemon & a handful of healthy walnuts.

Need at home: white wine

Allergens: onion, dairy, walnuts

25 minutes active; 45 minutes total

to serve people Chicken Picadillo with sauteed peppers & carrots over feta corn cakes [see more]

Emily's Pick

Chef Danielle Moore

Our Founder Emily loves this savory, flavor-packed dish! Pull tender, flavorful chicken confit & making pillowy corn cakes from masa harina. Simmer chicken in a Picadillo tomato sauce made with carrot coins, aromatics & fragrant spices studded with sweet currants & briny olives. Serve over corn cakes made with Caly Road Creamery feta, then garnish with bright lemon zest & cilantro.

Allergens: onion, dairy

30 minutes active; 40 minutes total

to serve people Cumin-Lime Pork Tacos with strawberry relish, goat cheese & quinoa with pepitas [see more]

Taco Tuesday

Chef Danielle Moore

You'll love this spring-inspired twist on traditional tacos gearing up for Cinco de Mayo! Season Pine Street Market's slow-cooked, pulled pork with smoky cumin, sweet honey & a squeeze of bright lime. Fill Los Amigos corn tortillas, then top with crumbled Caly Road Creamery goat cheese & a homemade relish of Watsonia Farm strawberries, jalapeno, cilantro & ginger. On the side, serve zesty, superfood quinoa tossed with toasted pepitas.

Allergens: pork, dairy, honey, onion

20 minutes active; 25 minutes total

to serve people Strawberry-Chipotle Chicken over asparagus, pecan & spring onion farro pilaf [see more]

Spice Up Your Life

Chef Danielle Moore

All our favorite spring flavors, all in one place! Toasted garlic farro is tossed with crisp Fallaw Farm asparagus, sauteed spring onions, Stone Mountain Pecan Company pecans, fresh cilantro & crumbled queso fresco. Tender Springer Mountain Farm chicken breasts are pan-seared then simmered in a lip-smacking BBQ sauce made with Watsonia Farm strawberries, chipotle peppers, brown sugar & Dijon.

Allergens: onion, dairy, wheat, pecans, fish sauce (Worcestershire sauce)

30 minutes active; 35 minutes total

add on kits Cannoli Ricotta Cake with whipped cream, chocolate chips & raspberry syrup [see more]

This decadent dessert is so delicious & easy to make, and it's gluten free! Impress everyone with your baking prowess when you mix up your own dreamy cake with creamy ricotta & almond meal studded with mini chocolate chips. Dust your cake with snowy powdered sugar, then pile high with homemade whipped cream using Sparkman's Dairy cream. Add a little color & sweetness with a drizzle of raspberry syrup to top it all off!

Serves 4-6

Need at home: handmixer, loaf pan

Allergens: egg, almonds, dairy

15 minutes active; 55 minutes total

add on kits ASW Distillery's Earl of Bourbon with honey-ginger syrup, lemon & thyme [see more]

Chef Hallie Stieber, ASW Distillery

Warmer weather means more entertaining, so we've teamed up with ASW Distillery to bring you this easy-to-make craft cocktail kit! Make a syrup from Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm honey & homemade ginger extract. Steep K-tea's Earl Grey tea with thyme sprigs. Pick out your favorite pitcher, then stir together ASW Distillery's Fiddler bourbon, fresh lemon juice, tea & honey-ginger syrup. Pour into rocks glasses & garnish with fragrant rosemary. If you're thirsty for more, come visit us at our upcoming cocktail class!


Makes about 4 drinks. Due to state law, bourbon is not provided in this kit.

Need at home: bourbon (ASW’s Fiddler bourbon recommended), food processor/blender

Allergens: honey

15 minutes active; 25 minutes total

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