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atlanta organic dinner delivery

to serve people BLT Hot Dogs with bacon-tomato slaw & corn on the cobb [see more]

Great for the grill!

Chef Nick Melvin

Hot diggity dog, y'all! These mouthwatering dogs from The Spotted Trotter are perfect for cooking out on the 4th! Serve them on a toasted The General Muir Bread bun, topped with a slaw made from vine-ripened tomato, Pine Street Market bacon & shredded cabbage tossed in a light, creamy dressing with celery seed. On the side, nothing says summer like the season's first corn on the cob!  

Allergens: pork (casing & bacon), wheat, egg, onion

25 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Horseradish Cream Brisket with honey-roasted potatoes & green beans [see more]

Emily's Pick

Chef Danielle Moore

Our Founder Emily loves this flavor-packed classic! Slice Crystal Organic Farm potatoes then bake with green beans, honey & lemon for a hearty, flavorful side dish. Serve with pulled brisket that's been slow-cooked by our friends at Pine Street Market, and drizzle it with a mouthwatering cream sauce with zingy horseradish & Dijon mustard. Garnish with a colorful sprinkle of roasted red peppers.

Allergens: onion, honey, dairy

20 minutes active; 40 minutes total

to serve people Chicken Paillard with farro, tomatoes & arugula in peach vinaigrette [see more]

Easy & Elegant

Chef Torie Cox

Springer Mountain chicken breasts are pounded into thin cutlets, sprinkle with coriander & crushed red pepper, then pan-seared to juicy perfection. Toss tender farro with caramelized onion & Rise N Shine Farm cherry tomatoes. Serve over Red Earth Organic Farm's arugula dressed with a homemade Watsonia Farm's peach vinaigrette. Garnish with shaved parmesan.

Allergens: wheat, onion, dairy (optional)

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Beetlecat's Curry Shrimp with tomatoes & herb-cucumber salad over jasmine rice [see more]

Be The Chef

Chef Andrew Isabella, Beetlecat

It's our favorite time of year, because The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Festival is almost here! Transform your kitchen into Beetlecat with this recipe from Chef Andrew Isabella. Simmer wild-caught Gulf shrimp in a mild curry with vine-ripened tomatoes, homemade honey butter & low-country flair. Serve it over a bed of fragrant rice garnished with a refreshing cucumber salad with mint & cilantro.

Need at home: butter

Allergens: shellfish, honey, onion

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Mushroom-Miso Ramen with 6-minute egg, tofu, swiss chard & miso drizzle [see more]

Quick & Easy

Chef George Yu, Taiyo Ramen

Taiyo's ramen is back on the menu with this vegetarian recipe from Chef George Yu! Combine Sun Ramen noodles, Atlanta's Soy Shop tofu, farm-fresh greens, Sparta Imperial shiitakes, oyster mushrooms & Orchard Valley button mushrooms with Taiyo's 3-day ramen broth. Top with a soft-boiled Darby Farm's egg, sprinkle of black sesame seeds, scallions & a drizzle of Taiyo's housemade miso sauce for ram-azing riff on classic miso soup!

Allergens: wheat, soy, onion, egg

10 minutes active; 15 minutes total

add on dessert kits for 2 Summer Berry Trifles with sweet cornmeal cakes, mint & whipped cream [see more]

This all-American dessert is the perfect way to celebrate this summer! Whip up your own sweet cakes with cornmeal, then layer them with a minted summer berry medley & homemade whipped cream. This colorful trifle is like the fireworks finale of dinnertime!

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