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atlanta organic dinner delivery
atlanta organic dinner delivery

How it works

Choose from 5 new meal kits each week. Plus order local groceries, prepared meals, & more!

We hand deliver to homes & pick up locations around town on Sundays & Mondays.

Enjoy a home-cooked meal in 30 minutes or less, straight from Georgia's family farmers.

Order now > Meal kits start at $28 Order by Thursday at midnight
love garnish and gather meals
Order now > Meal kits start at $28 Order by Thursday at midnight Contact us (678) 701-8030 info@garnishandgather.com
Local | Flexible | Sustainable


We deliver locally-grown produce paired with recipes written by Atlanta's best chefs.


No membership required. Order as many meals as you'd like, whenever you'd like!


No wasteful packaging or shipping. Each meal is hand delivered with care.

Learn more > about easy ordering & delivery
Learn more > about easy ordering & delivery

Local Groceries

We'll deliver groceries from Atlanta farmers & artisans to your doorstep.

Add on to your meal kits or order à la carte.

Best Sellers

organic strawberries
in cart
$4 organic strawberries
organic avocados
in cart
$5.50 organic avocados
charcuterie bundle
in cart
$33 charcuterie bundle
bbq wings
in cart
$21 bbq wings
crunchy asian salad
in cart
$12 crunchy asian salad
heart shaped cheese ravioli
in cart
$10.50 heart shaped cheese ravioli
coconut curry noodle bowl
in cart
$12 coconut curry noodle bowl
curry cauliflower hand pies (gf)
in cart
$8.50 curry cauliflower hand pies (gf)
organic blueberries
in cart
$4.50 organic blueberries
Souper Jenny's turkey chili
in cart
$12 Souper Jenny's turkey chili
local GA farms eggs
in cart
$7 local GA farms eggs
local apples
in cart
$5 local apples
farm box
in cart
$20 farm box
8-pack grapefruit-peach sparkling water
in cart
$6 8-pack grapefruit-peach sparkling water
Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower Florets with brown butter drizzle, pine nuts, currants & tarragon
in cart
$18 Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower Florets with brown butter drizzle, pine nuts, currants & tarragon
organic bananas
in cart
$4 organic bananas
Colombia coffee
in cart
$13 Colombia coffee
local kale
in cart
$3.50 local kale
local lettuce
in cart
$3 local lettuce
local carrots
in cart
$5 local carrots
local broccoli
in cart
$5 local broccoli
Springer Mountain chicken breasts
in cart
$8.50 Springer Mountain chicken breasts
8-pack cucumber-lime sparkling water
in cart
$6 8-pack cucumber-lime sparkling water
Pine Street Market bacon
in cart
$10 Pine Street Market bacon
mandarin oranges
in cart
$4.50 mandarin oranges

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Garnish and Gather in the press


“ G&G is bringing people together and going the extra mile to provide personal extra mile service. Thank you!”

— Angela

“Everything was great! Pick up was a breeze… and dinner was delicious!! ”

— Amanda

“It was great! the food was delicious and it was so fun to prepare...my kids and I put together some amazing meals that I would have never been able to pull off without your help:) thank you!”

— Barbarella

“From the very well organized pick up to cooking the meal and even clean up...everything was seamless, smooth and most importantly EASY! The meal was delicious. I would highly recommend Garnish & Gather to anyone who is looking for an easy, healthy meal!”

— Kristen

“I have been ordering meals for over a year. The dinners are wonderful. The staff is extremely accommodating. They make the process very easy. I know that other city meal plans follow G&G because of its great reputation. ”

— Donna

“We previously used two other national meal services, but we like G&G so much better since it's all local and there isn't a ridiculous amount of packaging. The meals are so good and unique and we love trying new things each week. We are hooked on G&G!”

— Diane

“Garnish & Gather has been a game-changer for our family. Initially I was hesitant to join a meal delivery service, but over the past 1.5 years of weekly deliveries, I'm not quite sure how we survived before it! Not only are we eating better, we are actually saving money (yes, saving!) and not wasting unused ingredients every week. Lastly, by using G&G, I am supporting local farmers and purveyors of fine foods in my city - and that's important to me.”

— Kimberly

“G&G has taught me a variety of cooking techniques and kitchen basics that have empowered me to be more confident in the kitchen and truly love spending time cooking and creating. The customer service in unparalleled with thoughtful touches on my birthday and anniversary, as well as if I ever have questions or problems with an order. ”

— Ashleigh

“Garnish & Gather has literally changed my life. Now, I have the confidence to cook healthy, tasty, beautiful meals that my whole family loves. And my favorite part -- it's organic, regionally sourced, and links to me local chefs right here in Atlanta!”

— Kari

“What we love about Garnish and Gather is that we get to support local farmers and the Atlanta community. Love that we can shop other grocery items as well. Best at home meal service we have tried.”

— Nathan

“Garnish & Gather is FABULOUS! The meals are creative, delicious and easy to prepare and their ingredients are five star. The local purveyors and chefs who are part of the Garnish & Gather community are what make it stand out above all other meal services. Garnish & Gather has something for everyone and is one of a kind in the way that it offers its service.”

— Leah

“With Garnish and Gather, I developed a new passion for cooking. Having all the ingredients makes everything easy to make and the ability to replicate top Atlanta restaurant menu offerings is a bonus. I appreciate supporting the local farmers and getting local groceries.”

— Christian

“I save hours every week on meal planning, shopping, and prep which leaves more time to do what I love - spend time with my family and prepare delicious home cooked meals for them.”

— Jade

“ Kudos to your amazing company. Fabulous dinners now are so easy and the price is right! The incredible options, featured chefs, and the prepped and measured (and delicious!) ingredients take all of the 'work' out of our meals! Everything is just perfection.”

— Gigi

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