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Our Raisins d'etre

Garnish and Gather helps you nurture your inner chef, enjoy the best seasonal produce, pick the perfect garnish, and make the thyme to gather.

Our Roots

The Founder

Emily Golub, Founder

I started Garnish and Gather in 2013 because I was hungry for change – I wanted to start something meaningful, a business that would bring joy to people, something that would forge a connection between good food and good taste. I’ve always loved finding the most special ingredients, the coolest in-season produce and creative recipes to make meals that were delicious with a story behind them too; and I wanted to do all that on a busy Tuesday night after work. I joined local Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSAs), I scoured the internet (pre-Pinterest!) for recipes, and when I could I went to the farmers market at 7am to be sure I got in line for spring asparagus - but sometimes these lofty goals weren’t always feasible – and so Garnish and Gather was born - out of my desire to do it all, but make it easy. Since then, a lot has changed, we’ve grown beyond just serving Atlanta, we’ve expanded from just 3 dinner kits a week to 9, we added specialty groceries and small batch artisanal goods, we now offer a la carte kits like bouche de noel cakes & lobster rolls! We are so much more than meal kits and I can’t wait to share G&G with you soon!


This talented team of chefs can be found on our menu each and every week. Get to know these lovely folks & their delicious cooking styles!

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CHEF Jaye Moore

Jaye Moore

CHEF Nick Melvin

Nick Melvin

CHEF Robin Pridgen

Robin Pridgen

CHEF Torie Cox

Torie Cox

Our Team

The Gatherers

Step into the kitchen & meet the folks behind the scenes at G&G!

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