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How to Make a Farmers Market Charcuterie Board

It all starts with good ingredients, and lucky you, we're here to make that easy! It's the time of year for entertaining, and this is the spread that impresses–and it's simple to throw together in a snap.



1. Start with proteins. We like to use both fish and smoked meats to create a little variety.

Diana's Applewood Smoked Salmon & Trout are both great fish options, and any meats from Pine Street Market will do the trick. Their SpeckCoppa, and Lonza are perfect here.




2. A variety of cheeses is important, too! Think about different textures–creamy, spreadable, and hard.

Sweet Grass' Green Hill is creamy, a lot like brie, and their garlic & chive Lil' Moo is perfectly spreadable. CalyRoad goat cheeses are another great spreadable option–try plain or tomato basilHobo's Bindle and Sweet Grass' Tomme are nice hard cheeses.




3. You need a vessel for all the delicious meats, cheese, spreads, and more on your board!

TGM Bread's mini baguettes are nice fresh or toasted, and Georgia Sourdough Co's sea salt crackers are a nice touch–and we're especially fond of their everything crackers!




4. Now we're on to fresh fruits and veggies.

Satsumas are great because they're easy to peel, and apples always add a nice sweetness. A veggie like radishes or carrots is nice for another pop of color–and some crunch.




5. Next, let's talk spreads. Some sweet, some savory–a mix is important.

Emily G's jams and Regina's Farmhouse jams are perfect, and you always need honey; Honey Next Door's 3 oz jar is adorable on a charcuterie board. Doux South's Creole Mustard or Drunken Mustard is what you need for the savory aspect.




6. Add a little crunch!

Home.made's pepper jelly pecans, Stuckey's fresh pecans, Doux South angry 'cukes, or Pickled Pink's watermelon pickles will do the trick.




7. Lastly, let's talk plating.

We like to use a few different plates and platters, but you can use a large cutting board, or whatever you have at home. Put condiments and spreadable cheeses in small bowls and plates first, then arrange the rest of your ingredients around them. Once everything is on the board, add sprigs of herbs here and there, if you have them.




Shop all kinds of goodies for your charcuterie board in our local market. If you have any questions or would like us to help you pick out the perfect ingredients for your own board, send us an email! We'll be happy to help. Happy Holidays!








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