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Meet Hodgepodge Bakery!


Meet the lovely folks at Hodgepodge Bakery, the bakeshop that's part of Hodgepodge Coffee! We recently added a ton of their (amazing) baked goods to our local market, and we're offering their pies for Thanksgiving! (Not to be dramatic or anything, but we may have shed a tear when we tried their buttermilk pie. It's that good.) We asked Ashley and Lori, the bakery managers, a few questions about Hodgepodge. Make sure to order their pies by Thursday 11/17 to have them delivered the week of Thanksgiving!


How did Hodgepodge Coffee get started and how long has the coffeehouse been open? 

HP was opened by Krystle Rodriguez based on a desire to give the community a place to gather and belong and incorporate amazing coffee and art from local artists. The coffee shop has been open 10 years, since 2012. 



Krystle and Lori


Where is Hodgepodge located? 

In East Atlanta, right on Moreland Ave


Has the bakery always been part of Hodgepodge? 

Yes, Krystle and her mom brought in recipes and were the first bakers... one of our most popular baked goods is the chocolate chip banana bread which has been on the menu since the beginning. Lori came on board in 2013 and took over the bakery aspect of HP, where she added a majority of our current menu, including favorites such as cinnamon roll cake and our sea salt chocolate chip cookies. Ashley came on in February of 2022, to take over for Lori (don’t worry she’s not going anywhere!) and to expand into wholesaling the baked goods program. We are now currently distributing to our shops as well as partnering with Odeko to distribute to other local coffee shops, Juniors Pizza, and now Garnish and Gather! We have also created an online platform for customers who want to order seasonal baked goods from us such as hand pies and Thanksgiving pies. 


What’s the hardest part of baking? 

Scaling recipes up or down, so many things can go wrong, especially math!


What’s your go-to order at Hodgepodge? 

An iced mocha!


What kind of events do you typically have at Hodgepodge?

Events have been limited recently due to Covid but we are slowly opening our gallery space back up and have hosted some pop up markets. In the past we have held many different community events from coffee with a congressperson to toddler story time. We really love being a place for all members of our community. 


Which holiday pie is your favorite? 

Ashley- salted caramel apple pie. Lori- sweet grits pie. 









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