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Say hello to our newest produce partner, Peachtree Farm! The farm is located just outside of Atlanta in Peachtree Corners. The main crop they grow is tomatoes–which we are thrilled about–but they grow many other kinds of produce, and even have chickens! We asked Joe, the executive director of the farm, a few questions about Peachtree's mission. Keep reading to learn about the wonderful things they are doing in our community.


Tell us about Peachtree Farm! What is your mission and how did you get started?

The mission of Peachtree Farm is to provide jobs and vocational training to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Peachtree Farm has been open for two years which have focused on developing the farm and the program serving 36 individuals with disabilities. 

Where is the farm located?

The Farm is located in Peachtree Corners, GA just outside of the Atlanta perimeter. 


Can you tell us about the different programs offered at Peachtree Farm?

Peachtree Farm provides supported employment for 5 farmers who work 1-5 days per week. and works with 32 special education students from Norcross High School in community based vocational training. 


What kinds of produce do you grow?

Peachtree Farm's primary production is tomatoes. The farm is home to a 3000sqft hydroponic greenhouse filled with 270 tomato plants with more to come! The farm also produces a variety of summer produce in 26 raised beds, and is happy to call 13 laying chickens part of the family. 

What does a typical day on the farm look like?

Typically, the farmers will arrive for a staff meeting and divide up tasks for the day. Trellising and pruning the tomatoes, taking care of the chickens, seeding or tending the the beds, are all common tasks. The other highlight is sharing a meal together every day at lunch. 

Do you have any special events or sales coming up?

Nothing set on the books as of yet, but I'll let you know when we do! In the spring we do a plant sale, the summers we will be at farmers markets, and in the fall we have a fall festival. 

Add Peachtree Farm tomatoes to your next G&G order!



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