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As the folks at Pine Street Market always say, know your butcher! Meet Rusty Bowers, the mastermind behind Pine Street Market, Atlanta's local butcher shop.


How did you get started as a chef, and how did you become a butcher from there? 

I rose up the ranks in fine dining establishments, where we were producing beautiful plates with fancy, imported ingredients. Fine dining was very formal back then, the food philosophy was very technique-driven. I enjoyed mastering the skills, but there was something missing. I remembered my time in Europe, the people were so much more connected to their food (often buying it fresh from the farmer, or from a local butcher that still practiced the time-honored traditions of whole-animal butchery). I was so convinced that this new-found passion for old-world methods would be popular in the US, I decided to build my future around it. After trading my Chef coat for a butcher’s apron, I founded Pine Street Market, specializing in handcrafted charcuterie, artisan sausages and a variety of fresh cuts.


What’s your favorite cut of meat to cook for dinner, and how do you usually prepare it?  

At Home I love to cook Denver Steak on the Big Green Egg for me & Dr Summer (with a little slice going to our Cockapoo: Gracie Lou) we fancy serving it with Smashed & Seared Parmesan Potatoes and Bordelaise Sauce. These recipes we adore so much we even posted them on our website!


What makes Pine Street Market stand out from the rest as a butcher shop? 

We practice the ancient art of whole animal butchery, which teaches us how to honor the life of the animal by skillfully utilizing every cut. Using old-world techniques such as aging, curing, and smoking, and processing the lesser-known parts, allows us to create delicacies that delight our customers while minimizing food waste. That’s why you’ll find more than just cuts of meat; Pine Street market offers a wide array of specialty foods, which result from our unique philosophy. You’ll also find knowledgeable butchers that are happy to explain the products and processes, and answer any questions you may have. We want you to be as proud as we are about the food you purchase.


What does eating locally mean to you?  

It means everything to me. Eating local celebrates the talented chefs, dedicated farmers, and numerous food crafters that make Atlanta and our region so bountiful & delicious. 


What’s your favorite dinner spot in Atlanta?  

We love to go to Brush Sushi Izakaya. Chef Jason + Chef Alex consistently amaze us with the simple but unique flavor combinations and pairings. Their style of Omakase & impeccable service owns our hearts and tummies.


Do you have any cooking classes or demonstrations coming up? 

Yes! The full schedule is available here.

Learn more about Pine Street Market here!

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