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atlanta organic dinner delivery

to serve people Lemon-Caper Chicken with thyme, cherry tomatoes, roasted broccoli & creamy orzo [see more]

Easy & Elegant

Chef Jaye Moore

This winner of a chicken dinner is sure to please with ease! Naked Truth chicken breasts are lightly coated with seasoned flour & pan-seared for a beautiful golden crust. Generously drizzle your chicken with a vibrant pan sauce including spring onion from Fry Farms, lemon, briny capers, a splash of white wine, fresh thyme sprigs & cherry tomatoes. Enjoy it over a heap of orzo gussied up with creamy Rock House fromage alongside zesty roasted broccoli.

Need at home: white wine

Allergens: wheat, dairy

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Sweet Chili Shrimp with snap peas over coconut rice [see more]

Emily's Pick

Chef Jaye Moore

This unfussy & flavorful recipe is guaranteed to be a hit at the dinner table! Marinate plump shrimp from Sea Pearl Seafood in Chinese Southern Belle's sweet chili sauce, lime & aromatics. Saute the shrimp with tender greens, then serve along with your flavorful pan sauce over a bed of fragrant coconut rice garnished with fresh cilantro. On the side, enjoy lightly charred sugar snap peas tossed with briny capers & garlic.

Allergens: shellfish, soy (in tamari)

15 minutes active; 20 minutes total

to serve people Harissa Chicken Meatballs over artichoke-herb couscous with spring peas & feta crema [see more]

Try Something New!

Chef Robin Pridgen

You're sure to love the alluring flavors & tongue-tingling spice of harissa that transforms this comforting dish! Form Naked Truth ground chicken into meatballs then simmer in a tomato sauce with harissa, coriander & aromatics. Serve meatballs over tender pearled couscous tossed with fresh English peas, artichoke hearts, parsley & mint, then garnish with a dollop of crema made with CalyRoad Creamery feta & Southern Swiss Dairy cream.

Need at home: white wine

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy

25 minutes active; 35 minutes total

to serve people Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl with fresh peach salsa, lettuce & cilantro-lime rice [see more]

Flavor Fiesta

Chef Torie Cox

Recreate the universally-loved burrito bowl concept in the comfort of your own kitchen with our easy, veggie-packed version. Layer a bed of dressed local greens & zesty cilantro rice with seasoned Pine Street Market pulled pork, black beans & a fun salsa made with Watsonia Farm peaches & a kick of fresh jalapeno. Top off your bowl with slices of creamy avocado & crumbled queso fresco.

Allergens: pork, dairy (optional)

25 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Sweetheart Ham White Pizza with caramelized leeks, oyster mushrooms & mozzarella [see more]

Pizza Night

Chef Jaye Moore

Elevate your pizza night by assembling your own hand-stretched personal pies with irresistable toppings. Saute spring leeks with a pinch of sugar along with local oyster mushrooms. Drizzle S&J's pizza dough with garlic butter then top with slices of Pine Street Market's sweetheart ham & sauteed veggies. Finish it off with a generous sprinkle of mozzarella then bake to bubbly, mouthwatering perfection.

Allergens: wheat, dairy, pork

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Sesame-Crusted Seared Salmon with rice salad, snap peas & Vietnamese peach relish [see more]

Peaches are Here!

Chef Nick Melvin

We can't think of a better way to celebrate the season's first peaches than with this exciting fusion of flavors! Cover flaky Blue Circle salmon fillets with sesame seeds then pan sear for a nutty golden crust. Top with a zippy peach relish including spicy serrano pepper, mint & fresh lime. Drizzle with savory ginger-soy dressing & enjoy alongside a refreshing, tart & sweet rice salad with crisp snap peas.

Allergens: fish, soy (in tamari), egg

25 minutes active; 25 minutes total

to serve people Spiced Lamb Pitas with mushrooms, homemade hummus & parsley salad [see more]

G&G Staff Favorite

Chef Torie Cox

Saute Rock House ground lamb along with Orchard Valley mushrooms, then spice it up with a blend of harissa, garlic & warm spices. Whip up a classic hummus (so easy!), then toss juicy grape tomatoes with fresh parsley & red onion in a light lemon dressing. Stuff fluffy pita bread from Classic Pita with your hummus, lamb & salad, or cut pita into triangles & use as a vehicle for dipping all that goodness--chef's choice!


Need at home: food processor or blender

Allergens: wheat

30 minutes active; 30 minutes total

add on kits Buttermilk Kitchen's Biscuit Kit featuring Banner Butter & blueberry basil jam [see more]

Chef Suzanne Vizethann, Buttermilk Kitchen

If Buttermilk Kitchen's biscuits aren't your favorite biscuits in town, then you haven't tried them yet. Now for a limited time, Chef Suzanne Vizethann is sharing her treasured drop biscuit recipe with G&G home cooks! They feature Banner Butter's locally made, artisanal butter & authentic buttermilk. Crisp on the outside & warm & fluffy on the inside, top them with a generous helping of Buttermilk Kitchen's signature blueberry basil jam. Get 'em while they're hot!


Makes 4 large biscuits

Allergens: wheat, dairy

15 minutes active; 45 minutes total

add on kits Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble with brown sugar crumb topping & vanilla cream [see more]

Chef Danielle Moore

If you're hankering for a little something sweet & seasonal, this dessert has it all & it couldn't be easier. For the filling, pair juicy strawberries with beautiful early spring rhubarb, then enhance with a bright squeeze of lemon, white balsamic, and a touch of sugar. Cover with a cinnamon-spiced brown sugar crumb topping & bake to bubbly, golden goodness. Dollop with homemade vanilla bean whipped cream & enjoy! 


Serves 4 generously

Need at home: hand mixer

Allergens: wheat, dairy

15 minutes active; 50 minutes total

add on kits Grilled Peach & Burrata Salad with spring onions, prosciutto, mint & sunflower seeds [see more]

Chef Emily Golub, G&G Founder

Forget about lackluster side salads--this gorgeous salad featuring Pine Street Market's smoked prosciutto & the first peaches of the season can stand on its own for a refreshing, light meal. Fire up the grill or broil sliced local peaches along with spring onions. Toss arugula & fresh mint in a sherry vinaigrette, then arrange grilled peaches & spring onions over top. Finish with torn pieces of burrata cheese, prosciutto & a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.


Serves 2-4

Need at home: grill (optional)

Allergens: dairy, pork

15 minutes active; 20 minutes total

add on kits Mint Pesto Pasta Salad with cheese tortellini, snap peas, asparagus & pistachios [see more]

Chef Robin Pridgen

Vibrant spring flavors abound in this delightful pasta salad featuring Pasta Mami's ever-popular four cheese tortellini. Whip up an easy mint-parsley pesto with pistachios, garlic & parmesan brightened up with lemon. Toss tortellini, crisp snap peas & local asparagus with your pesto, then finish it off with a sprinkle of lemon zest & juice. Enjoy chilled or room temperature for the perfect side dish at your cookout.


Serves 4-6

Need at home: food processor

Allergens: wheat, dairy, pistachios

15 minutes active; 30 minutes total

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