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atlanta organic dinner delivery

to serve people Sausage & Sage Orecchiette with butternut squash & apple-arugula salad [see more]

G&G Staff Favorite

Chef Torie Cox

Cook adorable orecchiette ("little ears"!) from Pasta Mami to al dente perfection, then combine with crumbled Riverview Farms mild Italian sausage, sauteed butternut squash & fragrant sage. On the side, serve a refreshing salad of BJ Reece Orchards apples, local arugula & toasted pecans from New Ground Orchards tossed in a homemade honey Dijon vinaigrette. Garnish everything with a generous sprinkle of parmesan. 

Need at home: white wine

Allergens: pork, wheat, dairy, pecans

30 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Miso Salmon & Okonomiyaki with brussels sprouts, togarashi & sesame-dressed greens [see more]

Try Something New!

Chef Torie Cox

Try something fun & new with our version of okonomiyaki, or Japanese savory pancakes. We swap out the traditional cabbage for shredded brussels sprouts that are mixed into a rice flour batter with a little kick of chili powder. Cook 'til golden brown then garnish with green onions & drizzle with an umami-packed sauce. Bake Blue Circle salmon brushed with a miso glaze & enjoy alongside a mixed green salad lightly dressed with a sesame vinaigrette. 

Allergens: fish, fish sauce (in worcestershire), egg, soy (in tamari)

30 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Chilaquiles Chicken Bake with avocado salsa verde, marinated radish & queso fresco [see more]

Casserole with a Twist

Chef Nick Melvin

Try our comforting casserole version of chilaquiles featuring smoky pulled chicken from Pine Street Market. Whip up your own avocado salsa verde with fresh tomatillos, cilantro, smoky spices & lime. Stir in pickled jalapenos & hominy then toss with corn tortilla chips & chicken. Bake to golden perfection & sprinkle with crumbled queso fresco. Garnish with avocado slices & a crisp lime-marinated radish & turnip salad.

Need at home: food processor or blender

Allergens: dairy (optional)

20 minutes active; 35 minutes total

to serve people Lamb Meatball Shakshuka with goat cheese, peppers & garlic-herb pita [see more]

Shakshuka Shake-Up!

Chef Robin Pridgen

Our spin on this cozy Mediterranean classic swaps the traditional eggs for protein-packed meatballs made from local ground lamb. Saute bell peppers with aromatics & simmer with crushed tomatoes. Let the meatballs mingle with the sauce, then crumble CalyRoad goat cheese over top & broil to melty goodness. Sprinkle with cilantro & enjoy with garlic-rubbed pita bread from Classic Pita.

Allergens: wheat, egg, dairy (optional)

20 minutes active; 40 minutes total

to serve people Rosemary Garlic Shrimp with broccoli, mashed sweet potatoes & cranberry balsamic [see more]

Emily's Pick

Chef Torie Cox

Cozy up with this full-flavored, colorful dish that's a feast for the eyes & the stomach! Saute shrimp from Sea Pearl Seafood with garlic & butter then toss with a punchy, balanced cranberry balsamic sauce sweetened with a kiss of honey. On the side, roast local sweet potatoes with garlic cloves then blend til smooth. Enjoy along with crisp-tender sauteed broccoli & drizzle with remaining pan sauce.

Need at home: food processor or blender

Allergens: shellfish

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Mongolian Beef with sesame-roasted carrots & bok choy over jasmine rice [see more]

Crowd Pleaser

Chef Danielle Moore

Don't miss out on this flavorful crowd-pleaser of a meal! Marinate beef bulgogi from Niman Ranch in a mouthwatering sauce that's a perfect balance of sweet, salty & spicy, then give it a quick stir fry. Roast carrots & bok choy halves tossed with toasted sesame oil & ginger. Enjoy the veggies & beef with sauce over jasmine rice, then garnish with sliced green onions.

Allergens: soy (in tamari)

25 minutes active; 35 minutes total

to serve people Garlic-Basil Chicken with tomato cream sauce over spinach orzo [see more]

Easy & Elegant

Chef Emily Golub, G&G Founder

Lightly coat butterflied Naked Truth chicken breasts in an Italian-seasoned breading & saute to perfection. Cook tomatoes with a splash of white wine & plenty of garlic, then swirl in cream & fresh basil for an aromatic & irresistable sauce. Toss spinach into al dente orzo to wilt, then top with sliced chicken & a generous ladle of the sauce, garnishing with ribbons of basil.

Need at home: white wine

Allergens: wheat, dairy

30 minutes active; 35 minutes total

add on kits Prosciutto & Cheese Palmiers baked with gruyere, fresh thyme & puff pastry [see more]

Chef Jaye Moore

Impress your guests with these delightful savory palmiers that'll make you look like a pro baker, no sweat! Brush puff pastry with honey-sweetened dijon mustard, sprinkle generously with gruyere cheese & fragrant thyme then layer thin slices of Pine Street Market's speck (a type of smoked prosciutto) over top. Simply roll it up, slice, brush with butter & bake for an irresistable appetizer or savory breakfast treat.


serves 6-8

Allergens: wheat, dairy, pork

15 minutes active; 30 minutes total

add on kits Dark Chocolate Holiday Fudge with dried cherries, pistachios & flaky sea salt [see more]

Chef Emily Golub, G&G Founder

Don't stress about what to give your loved ones for the holidays--we've got the ultimate recipe for a decadent, dark chocolate fudge that's quick to make & perfect for portioning out into gift bags. Stir chopped pistachios & ruby red dried cherries into dark chocolate melted with creamy condensed milk. Top with more cherries & pistachios then garnish with a pinch of flaky sea salt for a treat as festive as it is delicious!


Serves 10-12

Available for delivery now through Dec 23rd!

Allergens: dairy, pistachios

15 minutes active; 1 hour 15 minutes total

add on kits Spinach Souffle Bake with gruyere, parmesan, nutmeg & chives [see more]

Chef Torie Cox

We take the guesswork out of making a savory, cheesy souffle for an elegant & holiday-ready side dish. Warm nutmeg-spiced milk thickened with a roux then whisk in egg yolks, gruyere, parmesan, wilted spinach & chives. Fold in whipped egg whites, spoon into a souffle dish or casserole, then bake to golden, puffed perfection.


Serves 4-6 

Need at home: hand mixer

Allergens: dairy, eggs, wheat, nutmeg

35 minutes active; 1 hour 20 minutes total

add on kits Pork Loin in Prosciutto with herbed mustard rub & rosemary pomegranate glaze [see more]

Chef Torie Cox

This gorgeous pork roast is the perfect centerpiece for your holiday table this year, or for any dinner made special. Rub a succulent pork loin from Adam Cox Farm with a blend of grainy mustard, pomegranate molasses & herbs. Lay strips of prosciutto onto the pork to completely cover it, then roast to desired doneness. Serve slices of pork ladled with a deliciously sticky pomegranate glaze cooked with fresh rosemary.


Serves 4-6

Allergens: pork, fish sauce (in Worcestershire)

30 minutes active; 1 hour 10 minutes total

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