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to serve people Peach BBQ Pulled Pork over summer squash fritters with cornmeal & green onion [see more]

Family Favorite

Chef Torie Cox

You'll love this creative recipe that's a celebration of summer in full swing! Local summer squash is sauteed then folded into a slightly sweet corn cake batter made with Riverview Farms cornmeal, Rock House Creamery whole milk & chopped green onions. Lightly pan-fry your fritters, then pile them high with Pine Street Market's smoky pulled pork & top with a homemade BBQ sauce featuring juicy peaches from Dickey Farms.

Allergens: wheat, dairy, egg, pork

30 minutes active; 35 minutes total

to serve people Fish & Tomato Vinaigrette with oven-charred broccoli & creamy parmesan grits [see more]

Comfort Food with a Twist

Chef Torie Cox

This recipe is the perfect showcase for one of our favorite summer veggies, cherry tomatoes! Lightly sear buttery haddock fillets from Blue Circle, then place over a bed of creamy Riverview Farms grits finished with a swirl of local cream & parmesan cheese. Top with zesty roasted broccoli florets & spoon over a flavorsome homemade vinaigrette of Watsonia cherry tomatoes blended with a splash of sherry vinegar. Garnish with fresh parsley & a bright squeeze of lemon.

Need at home: food processor or blender

Allergens: fish, dairy (optional)

25 minutes active; 35 minutes total

to serve people Chimichurri Steak with queso fresco, roasted sweet potatoes & zucchini [see more]

Hearty & Healthy

Chef Emily Golub, G&G Founder

You won't believe how simple it is to whip up a flavorful chimichurri sauce for this seriously craveable dish from our founder, Emily! Juicy sirloin steaks from Farmers & Fishermen are seared then topped with bright green chimichurri made with fresh parsley, cilantro & oregano. Roast Scott Farm sweet potatoes, sliced onion & local zucchini with smoky spices & toss with a crumble of creamy queso fresco to finish. 

Need at home: food processor or blender

Allergens: dairy (optional)

20 minutes active; 25 minutes total

to serve people Smoked Salt Chicken & tomato jam with arugula potato salad [see more]

Smoky Summer Flavors

Chef Amy Ponzoli

This umami-packed meal is sure to be a new favorite at your table! Season chicken breasts from Farmers & Fishermen with intensely savory alderwood smoked sea salt then pan sear to perfection. Top your chicken with tomatoes cooked down with garlic & a splash of balsamic until they're jammy & delicious. On the side, enjoy a lightly dressed potato salad with peppery local arugula & fresh herbs. 

Allergens: none

25 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Za'atar Roasted Chicken with homemade baba ganoush, potatoes & green beans [see more]

G&G Staff Favorite

Chef Torie Cox

Find out why this Middle Eastern-inspired recipe was a big hit among the G&G staff! Season tender Springer Mountain chicken breasts, potatoes & green beans with herbaceous za'atar spice then roast to perfection. Blend together charred local eggplant with tahini, garlic & a bright squeeze of lemon for your very own flavor-packed baba ganoush. Spoon it onto a plate, top with your chicken & veggies then garnish with parsley.

Need at home: food processor or blender

Allergens: none

25 minutes active; 35 minutes total

to serve people Buttermilk-Herb Salmon over walnut quinoa with snap peas, green beans & peas [see more]

Easy & Elegant

Chef Torie Cox

This elevated recipe is a breeze to make, but tastes like a million bucks! Coat Blue Circle salmon fillets with a bold spice blend including smoky chili powder & coriander, then broil along with a trio of snap peas, green beans & English peas. Drizzle with a creamy sauce made with Rock House buttermilk, chives & honey from Honey Next Door. Serve over a bed of toasted walnut quinoa then garnish with fresh dill & lemon wedges.

Allergens: fish, dairy, egg (in mayo)

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Crispy Togarashi Chicken with miso sauce & cucumber-peach sunomono over rice [see more]

Flavor Fusion

Chef Robin Pridgen

Toss cubed Springer Mountain chicken breast with spicy togarashi, aromatics & cornstarch, then bake 'til a crisp, golden crust forms. Drizzle with a creamy, balanced miso sauce & serve over rice. On the side, enjoy our Georgian twist on a cooling Japanese cucumber salad with the addition of Dickey Farms peaches, all tossed in a light rice vinegar-sesame vinaigrette. 

Allergens: egg (in mayo), soy (in miso)

25 minutes active; 40 minutes total

add on kits Summer Tomato Pie with cheddar & homemade herbed biscuit crust [see more]

Chef Torie Cox

This savory pie bursting with local tomatoes is simply the epitome of summer! Our kit makes it easy for you to whip up your own herbed biscuit crust with Rock House Farm buttermilk, press it into your favorite pie plate, then layer with colorful tomatoes & a creamy spread packed with shredded cheddar cheese. Bake to golden brown deliciousness & enjoy for a satisfying lunch or dinner. It goes well with a refreshing side salad (pick up some lettuce & crisp cucumber from our local market)! 


Serves 4-6

Allergens: dairy, wheat, egg (in mayo)

20 minutes active; 45 minutes total

add on kits Cheesy Baked Brisket Taquitos with black beans, peppers, chive crema & Zocalo salsa [see more]

Chef Danielle Moore

For a crowd-pleasing snack or easy lunch, try our take on these fun rolled-up tacos! Stuff them full of Pine Street Market's slow-cooked brisket, sauteed sweet peppers & onions, Mexican-spiced black beans & plenty of cheddar cheese. Roll 'em up, bake to crispy goodness then enjoy dipped in Zocalo's salsa roja & a cooling chive-lime sour cream dip.


Makes 10 taquitos

Allergens: dairy, wheat

20 minutes active; 40 minutes total

add on kits Charred Corn & Zucchini Salad with queso fresco, mint & chili-lime vinaigrette [see more]

Chef Emily Golub, G&G Founder

Grilled or broiled, this summery, festive salad is delicious & belongs on the table at your next cookout. Drizzle perfectly charred local zucchini & corn cut off the cob with a freshly squeezed lime vinaigrette amped up with chili spice. Toss with ribbons of refreshing mint, green onion, toasted pepitas & crumbled queso fresco, then enjoy warm or chilled. Pairs wonderfully with grilled meat & a cold beverage.


Serves 4

Need at home: grill or broiler

Allergens: dairy (optional)

15 minutes active; 20 minutes total

add on kits Lemon Mousse Cake with graham cracker crust, strawberries & blueberries [see more]

Chef Robin Pridgen

You can easily whip up a patriotic dessert & chill (literally) with our delightful, no-bake mousse cake! Fold softly whipped cream into a lemony marscapone cheese base, then layer with buttery graham cracker crumbs pressed into a loaf pan. Let it set up in the fridge, then crown with juicy blueberries & strawberries sweetened with a little sugar to complete your showstopping red, white & blue creation!


Serves 6-8

Need at home: electric mixer

Allergens: dairy, wheat

25 minutes active; 1 hour 25 minutes total

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