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to serve people Pepper-Crusted Chicken with cucumber-peach salsa & homemade cornbread [see more]

Peaches Are Back!

Chef Nick Melvin

Juicy Springer Mountain chicken breasts are seasoned with a complementary trio of white, black & cayenne pepper then pan-seared to perfection. Serve topped with an herbed salsa made with Watsonia Farms peaches & refreshing cucumbers, then finish it all off with a dollop of sour cream. On the side, enjoy easy, homemade cornbread muffins featuring Rock House Creamery buttermilk & Riverview Farms cornmeal.

Need at home: butter

Allergens: dairy, wheat, egg

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Chipotle-Peach Chicken with charred lettuce, zesty quinoa & herb vinaigrette [see more]

Emily's Pick

Chef Danielle Moore

Our founder Emily loves this tantalizing combo of sweet & spicy with juicy Watsonia Farm peaches & smoky chipotle pepper! Pan-seared Springer Mountain chicken breasts are simmered in a peachy sauce then served alongside fluffy herbed quinoa with fresh lime & a charred, crisp romaine salad drizzled with a punchy homemade vinaigrette.

Allergens: none

25 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Italian Fish Piccata with crispy capers, lemon sauce & mushroom-tomato orzo [see more]

Easy & Elegant

Chef Jaye Moore

Our take on a classic piccata is so easy to make any night of the week! Simmer orzo with Orchard Valley mushrooms, fresh tomatoes & local spinach. Pan-sear fillets of wild caught redfish then coat with a mouthwatering lemon-butter sauce made with fresh parsley & white wine. Top it all off with a sprinkle of crispy, sautéed capers for an elegant finish. 

Need at home: white wine

Allergens: fish, wheat

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Huevos Rancheros with black bean mash, feta, avocado & pickled red onion [see more]

Meatless Monday!

Chef Allison Vasquez

Whip up your own huevos rancheros, tostada-style! Simmer Rise 'N Shine Organic Farm eggs in a spicy chipotle ranchero sauce with farm fresh greens. Spoon eggs & sauce onto crisped corn tortillas with mashed black beans sprinkled with Monterey jack cheese, then top with sliced avocado, crumbled Caly Road Creamery feta, Doux South's pickled red onion & a pinch of cilantro.

Allergens: egg, dairy

25 minutes active; 25 minutes total

to serve people Japanese Udon Stir Fry with pulled pork, peaches, summer squash & snap peas [see more]

Crowd Pleaser

Chef Danielle Moore

Everyone at your table will love this fusion of flavors that's bursting with the season's best produce! Toss tender udon noodles, local summer squash, snap peas, Watsonia peaches & herbs in a mouthwateringly sweet sesame-ginger sauce with a smidgen of spicy gochujang. Top with Pine Street Market's slow-cooked pulled pork & a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Allergens: soy, wheat, pork

20 minutes active; 25 minutes total

to serve people Miller Union's Nam Sod Pork with coconut rice, fresh herbs & peanuts [see more]

Be the Chef

Chef Steven Satterfield, Miller Union

Transform your kitchen into West Midtown hotspot Miller Union with Chef Steven's spin on a Thai classic! Sauté Riverview Farms ground pork with aromatics & spicy chili pepper, then season with fish sauce & a squeeze of lime for a harmonious blend of Thai flavors. Stir in crunchy roasted peanuts, grated carrot, cucumber & fresh herbs, then spoon into cabbage leaves for wraps or enjoy as a knife-and-fork affair. Serve with fragrant, lemongrass-infused coconut rice. You can also pick up a copy of Chef Steven's most recent cookbook in our local market!

Allergens: peanuts, pork, fish sauce

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Tomato-Cream Pork Chops with wilted arugula over rosemary polenta [see more]

Family Favorite

Chef Jaye Moore

Live high on the hog this week with this dish featuring pan-seared pork chops from Riverview Farms. Simmer down a full-bodied sauce of tomatoes & a splash of cream flavored with fresh thyme, balsamic & piquant Dijon mustard. Toss in local arugula to wilt & spoon over pork medallions. Serve it all over creamy Riverview Farms polenta enhanced with rosemary.

Allergens: pork, dairy

30 minutes active; 35 minutes total

add on kits Caramelized Vidalia Onion Dip with chow chow & garlic pita crisps [see more]

Chef Marcy Braselton

This crowdpleaser of a snack is back! It's just the thing to nibble on during a cookout with friends & family. Sauté sweet vidalia onion until golden & caramelized. Mix together sour cream, mayo & chives with the onions, topping with Doux South's delicous chow chow relish. Serve with oven-toasted pita chips & carrot sticks for dipping.


serves 6-8

Allergens: dairy, fish sauce, wheat, egg (in mayo)

15 minutes active; 20 minutes total

add on kits Korean BBQ Spare Ribs with sticky gochujang glaze, green onion & sesame seeds [see more]

Chef Danielle Moore

Smother spare ribs from Pine Street Market with a finger-lickin' good homemade Korean BBQ sauce that's bursting with the flavors of spicy gochujang, bright lime & a touch of sweetness. Sit back & relax while it cooks low & slow in the oven or on your grill. Baste with more sauce & fire up the heat at the end for a nice char, then garnish with sliced green onion & sesame seeds, serving extra sauce on the side. 


Full rack, serves 2-3

Allergens: soy, pork

20 minutes active; 2 hours total

add on kits King of Pops Berries 'N Cream dreamy homemade popsicles with sweet strawberries [see more]

Chef Steven & Nick, King of Pops

We make it a cinch for you to recreate King of Pop's dreamy & creamy strawberry popsicles at home. Combine farm fresh strawberries with cream, sugar, a squeeze of lemon & a splash of vanilla. Pour into cups (popsicle molds not necessary!), freeze until firm & let your patience reward you!


Makes 8-10 popsicles

Need at home: food processor or blender

Allergens: dairy

10 minutes active; 7 hours 10 minutes total

add on kits Grilled Zucchini & Portobellos with Korean red chili pepper & sesame-tahini glaze [see more]

Chef Danielle Moore

Fire up the grill (or your oven's broiler!) for this healthy veggie dish that'll be a star at your cookout. Season meaty portobello mushrooms, green onions & zucchini slices with sesame oil & a sprinkle of mildly spicy gochugaru, or Korean chili pepper flakes. Whisk together a nutty glaze of tahini, sesame oil, tamari & a splash of rice vinegar to brush on veggies. Garnish with black sesame seeds & a drizzle of remaining glaze.


Serves 3-4

Allergens: soy

10 minutes active; 35 minutes total

add on kits Sirloin Steak & Fried Eggs with charred tomato relish & bacon creamed spinach [see more]

Chef Torie Cox

You've never eaten steak & eggs like this! Painted Hills sirloin steaks are lightly dusted with coriander then pan-seared to perfection. Top sliced steak with a mouthwatering relish of juicy charred tomatoes, red onion, bright lemon, parsley & fresh jalapeno. Fry Rise 'N Shine Organic Farm eggs just the way you like them. On the side, enjoy flavorful spinach sauteed with a touch of cream, a sprinkle of parmesan & crumbled Pine Street Market bacon. This dish was an instant favorite in the G&G test kitchen!


Serves 2

Allergens: pork, dairy, egg

40 minutes active; 40 minutes total

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