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atlanta organic dinner delivery

to serve people Lemon-Caper Chicken with thyme, cherry tomatoes, roasted broccoli & creamy orzo [see more]

Easy & Elegant

Chef Jaye Moore

This winner of a chicken dinner is sure to please with ease! Naked Truth chicken breasts are lightly coated with seasoned flour & pan-seared for a beautiful golden crust. Generously drizzle your chicken with a vibrant pan sauce including local spring onion, lemon, capers, a splash of white wine, fresh thyme sprigs & cherry tomatoes. Enjoy it over a heap of orzo gussied up with creamy Rock House fromage alongside zesty roasted broccoli.

Need at home: white wine

Allergens: wheat, dairy

20 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Blackened Sheet Pan Trout with spring onion, potatoes, carrots & buttermilk-herb drizzle [see more]

Spring Flavors

Chef Torie Cox

This standout springtime recipe has the added bonus of minimal cleanup afterwards. Dust Carolina trout fillets with mild Creole seasoning. Nestle fish among a mélange of spring onions, carrots & potatoes with thyme sprigs, then bake. Finish with an easy buttermilk sauce made from Rock House Creamery buttermilk, a splash of hot sauce & fresh herbs, then garnish with lemon wedges.

Allergens: fish, dairy

15 minutes active; 35 minutes total

to serve people Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl with fresh peach salsa, kale & cilantro-lime rice [see more]

Flavor Fiesta

Chef Torie Cox

Recreate the universally-loved burrito bowl concept in the comfort of your own kitchen with our easy, veggie-packed version. Layer a bed of dressed local kale & zesty cilantro rice with seasoned Pine Street Market pulled pork, black beans & a fun salsa made with sweet peaches & a kick of fresh jalapeno. Top off your bowl with slices of creamy avocado & crumbled queso fresco.

Allergens: pork, dairy (optional)

25 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Southwestern Chipotle Sliders with peach slaw, red pepper relish & TGM buns [see more]

Cookout Classic

Chef Danielle Moore

These cute lil' sliders pack a big punch of flavor! Season tender pulled pork from Pine Street Market with smoky spices & chipotle, then pile onto TGM Bread's soft slider buns spread with Doux South's sweet red pepper relish. Top it all off with a refreshing slaw of Watsonia peaches, cabbage & shredded carrots with lime, cilantro & a creamy homemade dressing.

Allergens: pork, egg (in bread & mayo), wheat (in bread)

15 minutes active; 20 minutes total

to serve people Lamb Meatballs & Gremolata over Moroccan-style couscous  with pistachios & apricots [see more]

Try Something New!

Chef Emily Golub, G&G Founder

This vibrant meal featuring local ground lamb could not be more packed with flavor! Combine the lamb with egg & panko breadcrumbs spiced with fragrant garam masala, then form into meatballs. Brown them in skillet then finish cooking in the oven. Serve over tender couscous tossed with sweet dried apricots, pistachios & wilted local kale. Finish it all off with an herbaceous homemade gremolata including fresh mint, oregano, parsley & a bright squeeze of lemon. 

Allergens: wheat, pistachios, egg

25 minutes active; 25 minutes total

to serve people Thai Lemongrass Beef Bowl with rice noodles, snow peas, cabbage & cilantro [see more]

Oodles of Noodles

Chef Torie Cox

With this flavorful recipe popping with color, you can take your tastebuds on a vacation without stepping outside your kitchen! Saute Rock House Farms ground beef with lemongrass & local carrots, then add in crisp snow peas, cabbage & carrots. Toss with wide rice noodles & a savory sauce including a kick of Thai chili. Garnish with freshly chopped cilantro.

Allergens: soy (in tamari), fish sauce (in lemongrass paste)

25 minutes active; 30 minutes total

to serve people Parmesan Cream Chicken with spring herb salad over buttery polenta [see more]

Emily's Pick

Chef Nick Melvin

Who knew chicken could be so luxurious?! Pan-sear Naked Truth chicken breasts then use the same pan to make a smooth white wine & creme fraiche sauce, finishing with a sprinkle of parmesan & bright lemon zest. Toss local lettuce & fresh herbs including basil, parsley & chives in a delightful lemon vinaigrette. Enjoy over a bed of Riverview Farms' polenta complete with a swirl of butter & serve salad on the side.

Need at home: white wine

Allergens: dairy

20 minutes active; 40 minutes total

add on kits Grilled Peach & Burrata Salad with spring onions, prosciutto, mint & sunflower seeds [see more]

Chef Emily Golub, G&G Founder

Forget about lackluster side salads--this gorgeous salad featuring Pine Street Market's smoked prosciutto & the first peaches of the season can stand on its own for a refreshing, light meal. Fire up the grill or broil sliced local peaches along with spring onions. Toss arugula & fresh mint in a sherry vinaigrette, then arrange grilled peaches & spring onions over top. Finish with torn pieces of burrata cheese, prosciutto & a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.


Serves 2-4

Need at home: grill (optional)

Allergens: dairy, pork

15 minutes active; 20 minutes total

add on kits Spring Pea & Lemon Ricotta Dip with pistachios, sourdough crackers & crudites [see more]

Chef Robin Pridgen

Set out this verdant spring pea dip as an enticing appetizer & watch it vanish almost as fast as the time it took to make! Blend peas with garlic, lemon, mint & tarragon. Spoon zesty ricotta flecked with chives onto a serving plate, artfully schmear pea dip over the top, then garnish with chopped pistachios, flaky sea salt & a drizzle of lemon-infused olive oil. Enjoy with GA Sourdough's sea salt crackers, radishes & carrot sticks.


Serves 4

Need at home: food processor or immersion blender

Allergens: dairy, pistachios, wheat (in crackers, optional)

15 minutes active; 15 minutes total

add on kits Curried Chicken Salad with cashews & herbs over a bed of baby lettuces [see more]

Chef Robin Pridgen

Spice up your lunch with our flavor-packed take on a classic chicken salad. Poach Naked Truth chicken breasts, then cut into small pieces & combine with curry mayonnaise, mango chutney, chopped dried apricots, cashews, cilantro & green onion. Arrange tender local lettuce on a plate & top with chicken salad. 


Serves 4-6

Allergens: egg (in mayo), cashews

20 minutes active; 45 minutes total

add on kits Brown Sugar Pavlova with whipped creme fraiche, peaches & strawberries [see more]

Chef Robin Pridgen

We make it simple for you to craft a showstopping pavlova at home! Whip up a satiny meringue with Rise 'N Shine Organic Farm egg whites, brown sugar & vanilla. Shape into a round with elegant decorative swirls, then bake on low heat to get that classic crisp exterior & chewy middle. Dollop with tangy, softly whipped cream & top with juicy peach slices & Miles Berry strawberries.


Serves 8-10

Need at home: electric mixer

Allergens: eggs, dairy

25 minutes active; 1 hour 30 minutes total

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