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Say Hello to DocQMax!

Garnish and Gather deliveries wouldn't happen the same way without DocQMax. The McKenzie Brothers at DocQMax print all of our recipe books each week, those packing slips in the sides of your cooler bags, stickers that label each meal and ingredient, and so much more. (And they deliver all of this to us each week–thanks, Mike!) We are forever appreciative of all they do for us, and we highly recommend them if you need any printing projects done yourself.

DocQMax is a second generation family owned business located in West Midtown. We asked Mark, one of the three owners (all brothers), a few questions about how the business got started. 


When and how did DocQMax get started?

Originally we started out as a Quik Print printing franchise in June of 1975, with my father Don McKenzie and his partner Pete Loux as absentee owners. Shortly after that my Uncle Bill bought out my father’s investment and in 1978 the brothers Mike, Rich and Mark purchased Pete Loux’s share of the company. In 1990 the three brother’s purchased their Uncle Bill’s shares so he could retire. After 22 years of operating as a Quik Print we dropped the franchise and became Docqmax Digital Printing and have been going strong ever since.


What’s it like working with family every day?

We have a very large family with 10 siblings (3 girls & 7 boys) so we were taught from a very young age how to be responsible for our actions, to share and to work together for the common good.

Early in our careers we had a consultant that helped us with separation of business duties, accountability and learning to work in an adult working environment.

Our father would always remind us “no one ever died from hard work.” and “take care of your brothers, sisters and mother.”

It has not always been fun, but then we wouldn’t want to work without the support of family.


Can you give us a quick rundown of everything that DocQMax does? 

That is like asking how many stars are in the galaxy!

We started out as a quick printer meaning doing everything a business might need with a quick turnaround. From functional forms and documents for the office, brand and image products to help promote a business, increase revenue opportunities and everything in between. Things along the lines of personalized direct mail, envelopes, marketing materials, postcards, multi-part forms, brochures, banners, posters, church bulletins, labels, catalogs, booklets and the list goes on.


Your office is in West Midtown–do you have any favorite spots near the office that you like to eat or get a drink at?

There are so many places within walking distance about a block or two from our location. West Egg, Maple Street, Brash and Prevail Union for coffee, Putt Shack, Flight Club, Northside Tavern, and a short drive to get to Terminal West and TopGolf all for entertainment.


Can you share a surprising fun fact about printing with us? 

Renaissance Most Likely Would Not Have Taken Place Without Printing the Press

The invention made it possible to print ideas and teachings in the form of books, papers, and pamphlets. This led to the dissemination of knowledge.



Thanks, DocQMax! We so appreciate every one of you!


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